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Still not dead (or king) - interlude [Dec. 7th, 2016|12:09 pm]
I'm still thinking of how a person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can fight back against the GOP, in hopes of making them sane again. Blogging is all I can think of. I'm not sure if I should try to blog elsewhere, or just say what I have to say here (or seeing if LongHairedWeirdo - my nom du blog - is available on LJ/DW). Any thoughts?

Interlude: At work, there are a collection of clever and cute bumper stickers. One bothered me for a long time... I finally figured it out recently, though.

It shows a picture of a brain, and a > (greater than) sign. On the right hand side, it had sigma (sum of) i = 1 to n, of (a picture of a bear)/n.


brain picture > (sum from 1 to n) of (bearpicture)-sub-i, divided by n

Can you figure it out?
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A danger to democracy... [Nov. 25th, 2016|12:11 pm]
One of the most underplayed stories in the election was the strong belief by US intelligence that Russia was screwing with the election. That, combined with this XKCD comic, should be pretty scary:

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"Values?" [Nov. 19th, 2016|10:33 am]
One thing you'd think you could trust the GOP to believe is that it's horrible to demand "safe spaces", and that asking for protection is political correctness run amok.


Oops. (Sorry Rick Perry, you don't get to trademark that - besides, your trademarked use is your inability to remember your own "I swear this is important to me!" policy positions.)
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Interlude: question for debate [Nov. 18th, 2016|07:37 am]
Oscar the Grouch: Time Lord? Tardis thief? Or simple winner of the "most livable trash can" design ever?

I come down on the side of time lord. I've seen him walking his trash can around (feet coming out the bottom), and also seen evidence of substantial living space within it. This argues in favor of the chameleon circuits shifting the position of the doorway. And what could make a person so grumpy on a magical, safe space like Sesame Street? Well - probably that he's caught there, unable to investigate the goings on in the surrounding universe, and unable to talk to anyone about anything truly important to him.

(Oh, sure, he helps in the teaching of letters, numbers, reading, and how to get along in the great big world full of different people. Those are important, to him and to all - but there are always things that matter to an individual, like the fundamental nature of the universe, the mutability of history (and why it doesn't paradoxically close off time travel), and why chameleon circuits always get stuck in embarrassing configurations.)
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Why I'm angry, part 2... [Nov. 17th, 2016|06:16 pm]
It's normal in politics to attack, even slander, one's opponents. "Politics ain't beanbag" is a common statement. It's part of the "game"... and even if it was considered a terrible breach of character, it would still happen; it just would happen through surrogates. cut for politics.Collapse )
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E-mailed one of my Senators, about to e-mail another. [Nov. 12th, 2016|12:55 pm]
I'm asking them to please, please, please, show our President-elect all of the respect and good will that has been given to President Obama, and urging her to hold to the example the Republicans showed when faced with an incoming President not of their party.

Seriously. Though, obviously, I pointed out what that level of respect and good will has been.

Everyone wants to hear the nation will come together after the election. But the last two Democratic Presidents were hounded their entire times in office. And each time, after a bitter fight, when the Republicans won, they immediately talked about how we all have to come forward together, and work for the good of the nation.

When the Democrats won, the Republicans talked about opposing everything. Let's not forget Rush Limbaugh's famous summation of President Obama: "I hope he fails".

So, now we have a political party praising bipartisan comity - but only when they have power. And explicitly opposing it when they don't.

This is not acceptable behavior, and noticing it, and calling it out, is not the problem. The problem is *doing* it. And we have to demand they stop.

They won't stop when there's no cost. Why should they?
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Hah. [Nov. 11th, 2016|11:06 am]

Money quote: Asked about the protesters, Trump's former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, defended his ability to unite the country, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper that protesters should listen to his victory speech.

"Please, ignore everything Donald Trump said when speaking from the heart, and instead listen to him speak from a teleprompter! We don't want you to treat him the way the Republicans treated the last two Democratic Presidents; we want you to give him the same leash you gave George W. Bush that let him lead us into a massive, costly, deadly war."

I will note that while protestors said that Trump was "not (my) President" I will acknowledge, after he is inaugurated, that he is, to the shame of the Republican Party, the President of the United States, which is my home.

But I will not treat him as worthy of the office. He threatened to use the power of law enforcement to jail a political opponent who DID NOTHING CRIMINAL. She used a private e-mail address, just like Colin Powell, only instead of using a commercial provider, which might be socially engineered, she used an existing private server that was managed by people she trusted.

He and the Republican Party continued to accuse her of criminal wrongdoing long after it was established there was none. And they've called people "baby killers" and hounded them, literally, to death, and gotten away with it, but there, they were only recklessly inciting violence. Here, they were deliberately using the force of the law to attack a political opponent. That is not right, and never will be.
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Why I'm angry, part 1... [Nov. 11th, 2016|10:10 am]
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Played 'em like a violin... [Nov. 10th, 2016|10:07 am]

After confidently asserting that Hillary Clinton was definitely guilty of crimes, suddenly, there's no rush to follow up. Why not?

Well... because they knew damn well Hillary Clinton wasn't guilty of any wrongdoing. What they had to do was get the news media to report that she might be, because people like Giuliani and Christie say she is. And when they recruit federal law enforcement to feed the lie, so much the better!

Oh, they have an excuse, now... they always have an excuse. "Oh, well, although we promised you that we'd go after her criminality, we suddenly decided that, wow, maybe we should put it in the past, now that we won an election."

Now, if the GOP wasn't so trustworthy, you might think they were just playing a total BS line, thinking "the rubes" would eat it up. But come on! When the GOP said that Saddam Hussein had an active WMD program, they were... oh, huh, they were completely wrong about that. In fact, they deliberately lied about many pieces of evidence. In fact, they even reported a debunked allegation, figuring that as long as they blamed it on UK intelligence, no one would point out that they were liars. And they were right; oh, lots of people reported the lie, but other people said "but we said UK intel said that; they did, and even though we knew they were wrong, you can't say *we* lied for repeating a known falsehood!" so views differ. Let's not be partisan about this, after all!

So, please, don't take this as an example of the GOP playing its base for suckers; if you did that, the GOP would tell their base that you're looking down on them. And really, the party of free trade, and layoffs, and off-shoring, that took its head from the... uh... lips of Wall Street to proclaim the Democrats are just too cozy with Wall Street - they wouldn't play a bunch of people hurt by free trade, layoffs, and off-shoring by Wall Street, for suckers... would they?
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I think it's time to fight... not for survival, either. [Nov. 9th, 2016|01:40 pm]
Okay. For years, now, the Republicans have been playing games with the US. And it's time to put a stop to it.

"We're the party of jobs, and fiscal responsibility!" they say. But their policies make it more lucrative to lay off workers, ship jobs overseas, and change full-time work with benefits to contracted, "temporary" workers with lower wages and poor benefits.

"We respect the Constitution!" they say, and when the Supreme Court declares a law *explicitly* allowed by the Constitution, and *explicitly* voted into place by an overwhelming majority of Congress, to be unconstitutional, they cheered, and immediately set out trying to reduce the ability of minorities to vote.

"We stand for good character!" they said, and then nominated Donald Trump.

"We stand for the rule of law!" they said, and they cheered that self-same duckfart when he promised to break domestic and international laws regarding warfare, and promised to sic law enforcement on a political opponent when there is absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing.

It is time to fight back.

Look: in 1994, one could be excused for going along to get along. Even in 2001, one could say "we can't afford divisiveness during such a national tragedy." But once 2008 rolled around, the Republicans resoundingly declared that if they couldn't have the White House, they would fight back and obstruct at every point. And they did that, for eight solid years... and they were rewarded with complete control of the federal government for doing this.

It's clear that trying to do the right thing doesn't work. Which doesn't mean to act like the Republicans, but it does mean it's time to hang everything around their neck.

Donald Trump promised to build a wall - well, make him build it, and when he doesn't, when he can't, point out what a liar and a loser he is.

If he forces investigations of Hillary Clinton, support her every step of the way. Remember: they're accusing her of crimes where there *are* no crimes. Using a private e-mail server was not criminal; turning over documents as ordered is not criminal; having a server admin lose some e-mails is not criminal. Having been Secretary of State, and having watched over reporting that intelligence thought that the riots in one place could be used as a cover-story for an attack in another, is not criminal.

They're essentially demanding to lock her up because they have hated her ever since her husband was in the White House. And if the investigations come up empty, point out how she was *EXONERATED* and was *INNOCENT* yet hounded by hate.

The Republicans promised jobs. They don't know how to create high paying jobs; they only know how to milk money out of a business, and encourage cost cutting (= layoffs).

Coal jobs are going to keep dropping in number and quality. Point that out - over and over, these liars and losers told you things would get better, didn't they? And they won't, because they played you for suckers.

Manufacturing jobs aren't coming back; when they don't, point out those liars and losers played their base for suckers - again.

Mexico has no reason to pay for a border wall, no matter how moronic the President is; point out what a liar and loser a person would have to be to have played his base for suckers - AGAIN - by claiming otherwise.

I've seen people posting that we have to "get through this" that we have to "survive". But you can't fight "to survive". You can't play for "a draw". You have to fight, and play, to win. And you might accept "just" survival, or "just" a draw, but you don't fight for those. Not when so much damage has already been done.

Listen: When George W. Bush was President, he led the nation into a pointless, costly war, one that likely caused a lot of the problems we're seeing in the middle east, in addition to tens of thousands of needless deaths, and many thousands of wounded military folks.He was roundly supported, and praised, for his actions, until it was politically untenable. Now we have to deal with someone who's even less competent, even less plugged into reality. We can't make the same mistakes we made with George W. We have to fight back, from day one, with everything.

But we have to fight smart. And we have to point out that the incompetent idiots doing the damage they're doing are doing it because they keep playing their base for suckers.

Not because these people are "voting against their self-interest" - that might be true, might not be true, but it's not the point. The Republicans don't care about their base's self-interest - they just say whatever they need to say to win an election, to skin a sucker, figuring more skin will grow back before the next skinning season.
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