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You never know... you just might need to know this. - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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You never know... you just might need to know this. [May. 21st, 2009|06:49 pm]
... and if you do, it *might* save you ca. 17 hours of labor on a ticket.

Manual SPN on a SQL 2008 server is MSSQLSvc/(fully qualified domain name):Instancename.

So, if your server name is Foo and your domain is bar.com, the default SPN is

MSSQLSvc/foo.bar.com:MSSQLServer for a default instance, and, for an instance named Blah,


No port number needed. You can create an additional SPN with the TCP port number, but it doesn't seem to be required for installation to succeed.

(Of course, to add the SPN to active directory, you need to add the service account name to the end of your setspn command.)

This can end annoying problems with clusters not connecting to SQL instances.

Oh... did I mention I had a very long, and very difficult ticket?

And did I mention there are times when SQL Server, if allowed to create its own SPNs, can create the wrong ones?

No, that doesn't sound right.

Did I mention that, for all of the difficulties in setting up a domain account that... no, still not right.

Did I mention that SQL Server, in an act of betrayal worthy of Judas Iscariot, will knife you in the back while handing you off to your enemies, saying "thanks for the right to create my own SPNs, sucker! I'm going to create the wrong ones, so as to fail the installation anyway, and and then, while you suffer, I'll go party down in Niger!"

(SQL, being inanimate, is foolish enough to believe that people could actually be sent on "junkets" to Niger.)