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Political... [Sep. 23rd, 2006|12:40 pm]
There's a new update at LongHairedWeirdo. I rordinarily do my political writing there; anything I feel compelled to copy here, I cut tag. I'm breaking both rules today.

So, there's a "compromise" that Bush and the Republican leaders have endorsed. Since McCain, and others, pushed back on the President's plan, there are people who are upset with him.

What is this glorious compromise?

Torture is still okay; they'll just have to be careful not to cause any long term physical injuries, and they'll have to make sure that the torture doesn't sound too bad. If it sounds bad, people will agree that it causes mental and emotional suffering; as long as it doesn't sound too bad, they just have to avoid physical injuries.

Oh, and it'll all be secret, anyway, so someone will have to stumble upon proof that it happened in the first place.

If you've never faced people intent upon hurting you, you may just have to trust me on this: under those guidelines, you can, in fact, torture someone quite effectively.

Habeus corpus was never being fought for. So, no detainee will be able to go to court, and demand the government show a reason to hold them, or release them. If the government sees fit to bring charges, then they'll be able to go to court to appeal the conviction (if they are found guilty), but if there's not enough evidence to hold them, there's not enough evidence to charge them with a crime... so a person who is completely innocent can be held indefinitely, and can't demand to be released in the interests of justice.

And finally, detainees who face trials will not be assured they know what evidence the government has. How can you try to find evidence to prove that you're innocent, when you don't know what evidence is making you look guilty?

Read the beginning of this part of the bill, and it looks like there was a compromise, but keep reading, and you'll see that it's considered sufficient to give a prisoner a summary of what the evidence would tend to prove.

This isn't a mistake. This isn't someone getting flim-flammed by the Bush administration, or having Cheney work out a deal. This is outright injustice, that people are trying to make the law of the land.

This is part of a Republican strategy.

And if you generally support Republicans, and this doesn't make you sick, please... don't tell me.

Because I'm already sick at the thought that McCain, an ex-POW, calling this a "compromise". I'm sick that the Republicans could do this. I'm sick at the thought that the Democrats might let them.

And I'm sick with grief for the future of my country.

[User Picture]From: ruth_lawrence
2006-09-25 02:41 pm (UTC)
My country seems set to follow yours.

It's fascism-by-Diebold and with little protest.

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