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I think I outdid myself... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I think I outdid myself... [Jul. 7th, 2007|07:10 pm]
It's become a standard, once a week run. See's Candy, for dessert... Chipotle's for a mission-style burrito that's incredibly good. (Usually I get two... they re-heat well.) Then Carpinito's (eating the burrito on the way), for veggies for salad.

But this time, oh my.

I did go a little higher on the candy than normal, because I hoped to reduce how many pieces I ate at a time, and in return, reward myself with more pieces total. 2-3 candies a night for a few nights is better than a single night of five or six, with an increased yearning for more the next day.

And I did only get two burritos, so no problem there.

But Carpinito's? Yi.

Lettuce was 3 heads for $2. I got romaine, red leaf, and bibb.

Cucumbers. Red onion. Red pepper. Carrots. Radishes.

You have to understand, I eat large mixing bowls full of salad in a day, but I still might not eat this before I leave for Oregon on Friday. These heads of lettuce are huge (well, except for the bibb), and I didn't quite realize how much of the other veggie's I'd gotten.

(Oh, and raspberries and blackberries. They're in season now.)

Add that to two days in a row of 1200 calorie workouts on the ellipticals at the gym, and you know, I don't think having a small candy surplus is going to do anything bad to my health. (Plus I took my bike out for a test ride today, half an hour.)

(Oh: The workouts were Thursday and Friday... bicycling was today, just in case someone thought I burned 1200 calories on an elliptical and then rode a bike for half an hour.)

And tonight... Dr. Who. I happened upon the DVDs for Genesis of the Daleks. I never got into Dr. Who when I had a chance, so it's time for me to dig in a bit more, and I figure, what better way to do it than with one of the classics from when I first heard about the show?

[User Picture]From: glinda_w
2007-07-08 02:40 am (UTC)
Well, if there are leftover veggies or fruit in your fridge next Saturday afternoon/evening (or Sunday, if you'd prefer me over that day), I'm sure I can manage to do *something* with them. (Have a small styrofoam ice chest in the trunk, now, for bringing dealing with hot weather and ferry rides when bringing back stuff back from Trader Joe's.)

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[User Picture]From: zanawake
2007-07-08 02:45 am (UTC)
*imagines you alighting elegantly from the train with a gimongous salad in a Dorothy-goes-to-Oz wicker basket on your arm*
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From: kightp
2007-07-08 08:26 am (UTC)
*grin* OK, so maybe the farmers' market won't be that exciting.
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[User Picture]From: kitsunegeek
2007-07-08 05:45 pm (UTC)
Now I'm craving salad... In my head I'm adding heirloom tomatoes, nuts, and a raspberry vinaigrette. Yum!
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