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So... I'm an idiot. But at least I figured it out. - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So... I'm an idiot. But at least I figured it out. [Jul. 31st, 2007|11:24 am]
"Wait a minute!" I asked myself, as I looked at the network usage of my Ubuntu desktop over my VNC client. "Why is my Ubuntu machine sending so much network stuff? Sure, there's some background flicker, but this is too much... multiple k per second, sustained. What do I have that's transmitting so much information?"

"Oh, yeah. The VNC server."

(VNC is a remote connection, similar to remote desktop. The client/viewer connects to the server, and you have constant updates flowing back and forth.)

(Hey, it was cheaper than a new monitor, and easier than getting that #$^@*&^ KVM to work)

This is the danger of being a novice sysadmin (and it applies in other ways to other professions; I bet doctors have it in spades!)... you look at symptoms hoping to find some excuse to use your new skills.

On the plus side of the ledger, this means I'm learning, and thinking. And an even bigger plus: I stopped and *thought* before panicking (too much).

All in all, not a bad start to a Monday morning.

Oh, right. Today is Tuesday. Razzafraggin' rotten sleep on Sunday night.

[User Picture]From: suzilem
2007-08-01 12:40 am (UTC)
Ah. I use the good ol' VNC Viewer application at work. It's a hog. :-)
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