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So, it was about a week ago that I asked about good thoughts… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 14th, 2007|08:37 am]
So, it was about a week ago that I asked about good thoughts regarding exercise. Then I exercised two days, drove down to Oregon to see a band that was pretty good at covering some of the Fabulous Thunderbird's songs. Then I drove back the next day and exercised again, two days in a row before being hit with a game-player's malaise, and ended up taking two days off.

So, what happened, exercise-wise at least?

Well, as I'd planned last Tuesday, I did intervals again, one minute on, two minutes off. I got through thirteen intervals before my heart rate was going up too high. Well, on the plus side, I'd been feeling like crap all day, so there was reason to believe that it was just an off day. But on the other hand, it got me to thinking.

The past few times I'd tried exercising, well, 1:30 had seemed like a decently low interval. At one point, I'd done six intervals of 1:45 and six of 1:30 (plus another 30 seconds to make an even 20 minutes). I decided that, rather than struggling to get 20 one minute intervals done, I'd rather work just as hard or harder to get fourteen one and a half minute intervals done. I even realized that with 1:30 jogging and 2:30 walking, I'd have 22:30 running in an hour, which was better than my proposed 1:00 on, 2:00 off.

So the next day, that's what I did. I ended up jogging about 25 minutes out of the hour. That Friday (after the drive down to Oregon) I did another 25 minutes jogging out of the hour. These aren't "pure" in the sense of doing jogging and walking on the schedule I like; I'm allowing myself a minute long break near the half-way point, but last time I only needed one such rest.

So, that's my goal now. 1:30 per interval, 2-2:30 resting, until I can go an entire hour in 3:30 intervals (1:30 + 2 minutes), and then I'll move up to 1:45, using the same rules.

It's not what I want, but it's what my body can do.

On Saturday, however, I proved that my body isn't exactly broken down... I was able to bump up the resistance on the elliptical by one, and worked on that for an hour, and its computer thinks I wsa burning over 1200 calories an hour. I still don't trust it, but I've been increasing that "calories burned" number consistently, so it's a worthwhile measure of progress.

Then on Sunday, while doing some cleanup, I decided to see how close I was to finishing .Hack part 3... as it turned out, I was finished, but for the final bits and final battle. So, Monday I started part 4. That, and reading my Windows 2000 book on Active Directory, took up most of the day.
("Reading" is a bit generous for what I was doing. I was skipping the practice exercises and mostly making myself aware of what Active Directory does, and getting myself able to futz with it if I ever need to. I'm about to tackle LDAP for Unix, and ADS is LDAP compatible, so I figured I might as well detour into the Windows version for a bit.)

Gaming and reading weren't a good motivator for hitting the gym on Monday, but I plan to go today. I'm not sure what the rest of the day will hold; I'll have to figure that out soon, or it'll end up going to waste.