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Tired... [Aug. 27th, 2007|10:24 pm]
Okay. More about exercise/interval training.

I can jog at 6 miles an hour for 3.5 minutes - maybe longer - without my heart exploding. And being able to rest up and then do it again, and again (3 minutes or longer each time - I don't remember).

It's weird. See, up until last week, I was having trouble with my heart rate jumping too high too fast. Then I started to realize something. If my heart rate goes up to 157, but, within 90 seconds, is back at 120, and then goes down to 117 in the next 30 seconds, well, that's probably better than my heart going only to 151, and not going down to 120 in two full minutes.

That is, my heart rate was going up higher, but it was also recovering faster... a lot faster.

I jumped from limping along doing 1.5 minute intervals, not quite getting 20 minutes of jogging in, because I was nervous about how high the heart rate was, to doing 1.75 minute intervals, to doing 2 minute intervals. I've been resting a lot more (up to four rests in an hour - resting defined as putting the treadmill on pause for up to a minute), and I've been more willing to let how long I walk slide (I do intervals two minutes jogging, two walking, until I'm starting to need more time for heart rate recovery, then switch to two minutes jogging, 2.5 walking).

Today... today, I had more Adderall in my system than I usually do (Adderall is a stimulant, and can speed up the heart) due to scheduling problems, and I was anxious over something I'm not talking about right now. My heart rate was ridiculous; even on the first interval, it was high. But I was comfortable jogging, and feeling rested (but still anxious) when walking, so I stopped worrying. And finally, I wanted to see if I could burn that nervous energy off, so I tried running for 2.5 minutes. I ended up running for at least 3.5, but I stopped being able to keep track. I might have walked three minutes to make up for it, and then did it again. And again.

The last time, my heart rate was up to 165, which isn't happy-high for a 40 year old, but it's still a touch below the danger zone, and it dropped relatively quickly, and hasn't caused any after effects. (I have a touch of an exercise-headache, but a night's sleep will fix that.)

Now, well, now I'm learning that my heart has apparently gotten ahead of my legs. My knees are complaining, so I'm going to have to treat them nicely for a day or two. (And yes, kightp, I iced them afterwards, and will again before bed.)