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More news... [Mar. 8th, 2008|09:22 pm]
Well, they found a faulty crank sensor in my car, so it it's now working. Based upon time spent, this might be the cheapest auto repair (on an hourly basis) I've ever had done.

I had a lot of time spent reminding myself how lucky I am to have a job I can work from home, though... I don't want to think how many hours I would have lost if I hadn't been a techworker. As it is, I lost a single hour during the week, on Friday, picking up my car.

In other news, something that comes in about halfway between a major defeat and a major victory, I stopped trying to jog at 6 miles an hour when doing my interval training, and cut back to 5.5. Well, now I discovered that jogging for 22 minutes with a one minute break somewhere around minute 7 is enough to get me tired... tired enough that I can only jog two more five minute intervals. Still, the first 22 minutes was pleasant. I don't like having to cut a mile off of my already pretty wimpy speed, but I'd hate giving up on jogging because it's too blasted frustrating even more.

So, I've had to admit defeat, and accept that something has happened to cut my jogging ability back.

But I also kept going until I worked around it, and found something I could do. And, since I'm getting a brand new set of muscle aches (in locations that had never ached before), I think it's only partly getting out of shape, and partly that I've once again adjusted my stride. I'll call this a major victory in waiting, once I'm back to where I was.

In the meantime... well, remember that bit about over-tiring myself a bit while jogging? When that happens, I tend to end up with a nasty, throbbing exercise headache, and, alas, today is no exception. Ah well... it was worth it to find out my limits today. Tomorrow, if I feel up to it, I'll try jogging a mile at a time at 5.5, and then decide if I want to keep working on length of time spent jogging, or on bumping the speed up slowly.