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What else is going on? - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What else is going on? [Mar. 27th, 2008|09:57 pm]
So, besides issues involving Chibi, what else is going on in my life?

Not a whole lot. But there has been one thing I've been thinking of writing about here.

After having so many troubles with my heart rate and aches in my knee, I decided to take a short break and exercise to strengthen the rest of my body. And along the way, I realized something.

In the past, I've done things like push ups and sit ups and so forth, and I'd always get to a certain point, and that's where I stopped. I realized I'd never really pushed my body to any kind of limit.

And I don't mean pushing it in some agonizing way, gritting my teeth through the pain and wishing I'd just die or something. I mean, I never found out how far I could go.

New Year's Day, I decided to do some push ups and some abdominals. Just ten... just enough to establish the discipline. I wanted to see if I could keep the discipline through the year.

And recently, I thought of something. What if I did push ups three days a week. And what if, each week, I just tried to increase the number of push ups I could do by one? At the end of the year, I'd be doing 62 push ups. What if I did push ups five days a week, and tried to increase the number by 2 a week? At the end of a year, I'd be doing over a hundred (114, which means I'd have seven full weeks where I wouldn't have to increase at all, and still be doing a heck of a lot of push ups!).

I've been pushing myself a little bit further, with all of my exercises. I'm doing squats, three types of abdominals, push ups, kicks (front and side snap kicks), just slowly increasing numbers as far as I can go.

So far, I'm up to 40 push ups, 40 of one of my abdominals, and 55 of each other the others. I've done 40 kicks of each type (keeping a bunch of these at 40 until they're all ready to advance is awfully helpful!) And I'm just interested in figuring out how far I'll go before I can't improve any more, or get bored and stop.

In the meantime, the aches in my knee have subsided. I'm going to try to exercise for the rest of this week, and all of next, and then try jogging again and see what happens. I think having more strength in my legs might make my jogging easier on my heart as well as easier on my knees.

From: kightp
2008-03-28 05:14 am (UTC)
It's hard for me to imagine how your legs could get any stronger. But, of course, I'm basing that on the impressive musculature, not on how you feel or what you can do with them. (-:
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[User Picture]From: hopeevey
2008-03-28 10:31 am (UTC)
My nutritionist makes a point of encouraging me to do strength training as well as aerobic exercise. And strong muscles around your knee sounds like a great way to prevent injury and stress.
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[User Picture]From: hmms_sio
2008-03-28 10:48 am (UTC)
It's how I 'up' my swimming. I start with 10 lanes the first time, then each week I do an extra lane. I've set 25 as my max. I do that in about half an hour after a few months.
Time to go again :)
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[User Picture]From: karenkay
2008-03-28 12:39 pm (UTC)
Stronger core means that you can run more efficiently--which will help your knees.

The two things definitely work off each other. I was surprising how much stronger walking made my legs. I was using the same resistance in Pilates for over a year, and all of a sudden I've been able to bump it up ridiculously.
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