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So I was wondering... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So I was wondering... [Jun. 15th, 2008|03:37 pm]
... if I tried to type "floccinaucinilipilification" into Google, if and when it would suggest the complete word. After the CC? Or would I have to remember the spelling all the way out? Alas, I spelled it wrong... I typoed it, missing the first l (after the f)... but it did come up with the proper spelling as a suggestion.

In other amusing news, I got to see the new Indiana Jones. It was... well, it was good, but it was clearly a movie written to do Indy as a senior citizen. Not bad, not bad at all, but I think it was a movie made for people like me - middle-aged folks who were teens or maybe early 20s when the first movie came out, and fully aware that *we* can't do what mild feats of physical acumen that we used to be able to do, either.

This is a record number of movies for me in a year... I've now seen Speed Racer, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones all in the theater, and all over the course of less than a month. All pretty good flicks, if you know what you're getting in for. The only thing left on my "must see" list is Prince Caspian. Okay, I might just see the Hulk, too, but I might wait for the rental.

Seeing movies isn't good for my waistline, though, even if I skip the concession stand (and I did). See, the theater isn't too far from Chipotle's and See's... and I couldn't quite keep myself from stopping in on each of them. Ah well... one burrito won't kill me. Then again, I bought two (one to eat later -I'm sure someone can eat two Chipotle's burritos in one sitting, but I can't!), and a half pound of candy... I think I'd better get some exercise in today.

Here's hoping everyone's having a wonderful Sunday....