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life farming... [Jun. 24th, 2008|10:36 pm]
There was talk about relationships on another forum, and I used a metaphor I use relatively frequently, but hadn't really thought about much... farming.

There are a lot of places where you can't make things happen. You can plant the seeds, hopefully in the right soil, hopefully in good conditions, but whether or not things will turn out depends on factors beyond your control. Sure, a good farmer will get good crops more often than not, but maybe not exactly what s/he wants. If the climate or the soil is wrong for growing rice, you just won't get a good rice crop. And if there's a storm, or a drought, or other bad conditions, or if there's a plague of locusts or a rain of toads, you might not get anything, even if you do everything perfectly.

And then I realized that applied to life, as well.

I'm still at a bit of a crossroads, and not quite sure what my next step should be. Microsoft is outsourcing my contract position to India as of August 15th. So, what do I do? What should I study to get my next job? Or is it time to see if I can get back to school?

And I realized that, right now, what I need to do is start planting a few seeds and seeing what grows.

I've picked up my C# studies again, and I'm very close to being safe from musical banana peels. I've noticed that I'm picking up a lot more database issues than I used to, and able to resolve more issues than I'd have been able to in the past. So, first let me try planting those seeds and watering them and seeing if they sprout. If they do, great; if not, it'll be time to try planting a different crop.

[User Picture]From: anansi133
2008-06-25 01:39 pm (UTC)
That was really the whole point of the mustard seed parable in Xtian mythology, if you can get past the rest of it all.
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From: kightp
2008-06-25 06:46 pm (UTC)
To extend the metaphor (but hopefully not torture it): It's not enough to plant the seeds, you also have to tend them to give them the best possible chance to grow.

What you're doing now strikes me as good gardening; some of those seeds have been in the ground a while, and now's the time to weed and feed and water and prune.
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