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One the one hand, I'm having serious mood issues. On the other… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 9th, 2008|07:39 pm]
One the one hand, I'm having serious mood issues.

On the other hand, on Sunday I made a cassoulet. Well, not really... I didn't have any duck fat, so I substituted bacon grease. I figured that was okay, and I even said as much, in public... "... and if some French chef wants to make an issue of it, well, that ain't gonna frighten me!"

I don't think that Microsoft has a policy against making public statements that bring the wrath of a dozen French chefs onto the Sammamish campus. (Thankfully I didn't try this when I was working in building 7, where I understand there are more rules about this kind of thing.)

I have to admit, fighting off a dozen French chefs *is* a bit tougher than it sounds, but the first 11 were really pretty easy. It was that last one....

I finally got him buried under the collection of "E.T." video game cartridges being recycled into brand spanking new CDs intended for distributing Windows ME.

And, someone, just satisfy my curiosity, please answer this, but I think I know the answer already from the context; I'm pretty sure this is what he said.

But just in case I'm wrong: how do you say "Beware... I was trained by the chicken" in French?

[User Picture]From: 64tbird
2008-12-10 02:34 pm (UTC)
Attention! J'ai etude avec le pullet!
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[User Picture]From: ms_interpret
2008-12-10 05:16 pm (UTC)
pullet? Poulet, I think. And etude should be étudié.

I think I'd go with "Attention! Le poulet m'a formé" (Beware, the chicken trained me)

But I like yours too. I studied with the chicken has the same sort of feel as "I studied with Chomsky".
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[User Picture]From: zanawake
2008-12-11 06:32 am (UTC)
Or, more colloquially,
"Fais gaffe! C'est par le poulet que j'ai été instruit [en arts martiaux?]!"
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[User Picture]From: malaechi
2008-12-11 05:30 pm (UTC)
You can make a quite tasty Cassoulet without duck fat, it really depends on the sausage you use.. I was hoping to make some Toulousse sausage from scratch but jst decided to go with fresh Kielbasa and sweet italian combo.. Cannelini or great northerns seem to add better flavor than fava beans which just disintegrate t paste.. the variety of white wine you add makes some difference.. I found that Sauvignon Blanc or a hearty chardonnay works better than a light pino grigio... the duck fat does add an entire other level to it though.. I'm thinking of trying to use some good smoked bacon from the local sausage shop next time to get some good grease for borwning the sausage in and see if I get some added smokey flavor...

Not that I've spent most of the last year researching or testing out different 14th century cassoulet recipes or anything...
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