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Next round of journeys, if there's any interest - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Next round of journeys, if there's any interest [Jun. 5th, 2009|10:40 am]
The first time I made a post about journeying for others, I expected, oh, 5, maybe 6, people to express mild interest, and instead I got close to (or more than?) a dozen requests, including some that struck me as exceedingly high priority.

I won't say I burned out, but I did have some weird times.

(What's worse was, I decided to interleave my journeying with hits from the Playstation 2 game Katamari Damacy. Those of you who know the game, and understand how journeying can be, know just how strange a mental state that could put a person in :-) )

So, round two, if anyone is interested. Feel free to extend the offer to anyone who might seem in need of it, keeping in mind that I'm promising to *try* to journey on anything for which I'm asked, but not promising I'll be able to do so productively, or that it will actually help :-).

If there are things you'd like guidance on, questions you'd like investigated, or healing you'd like me to attempt, let me know.

All comments are screened; please be explicit if you're okay with having it unscreened.

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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2009-06-07 08:35 pm (UTC)
Ask away; as I said in the entry, I reserve the right to confess I just can't hack it :-). (I'm hoping I can leave my response unscreened while leaving your response screened... just in case anyone else has a similar concern.
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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2009-06-14 08:45 pm (UTC)
I went to the world tree and had a few moments of settling to do... I ended up apologizing for not being able to settle instantly. I wanted to call out to ancestors - but I wasn't sure if that was an "ooh, shiny!" kind of thing or a pulling.

I called out to Raven to ask his help; he was glad to help me and told me that I should call out to ancestor spirits. I was about to go off, when I stopped and hugged Raven warmly, thanking him for always being there for me, even when I forgot to honor him.

I called out for ancestor spirits who wanted to help you and met a large-ish man - big, broad, a bit slow moving. When I discussed the situation, he turned very thoughtful, and gestured me forward into the World Tree, which turned into a bit of an elevator. We went "down" (a bit into the past) and then backwards through the underground, with roots and darkness pulling at us. I finally came to a grumpy old woman (she could have been - and maybe was - about to swing her cane overhead in a stereotypical old person's tantrum) but when I demanded help, she stopped, brought up short. She sat down at a table, and lay out tarot cards. First, my eyes focused on death ("DEATH DEATH DEATH!" almost like the music from Psycho in the background), but I pushed past that and found the more important card was the Hanged Man. I pushed to make sure that was it - this was really important, and she patiently stated that it was, three times. I asked if there was more, and there was a kind of shrug and afterthought "the four of cups"[1]. I thanked her and asked how I could honor her for her wisdom. She seemed a bit embarrassed at her earlier crankiness, so I let that go. I turned back to the large man, and he gestured us forward through a wooded trail. I thought about the surroundings, and it was a clean, green forest. It might have been state-parkish, not a wild forest (I've never really been in any wilderness so I wouldn't know - but it wasn't *wild*. Heck - there was a trail, so it couldn't be too wild.)

I had a brief moment of thinking about being a monkey in the trees, and I had a brief vision of Monkey, but I felt that might be a diversion. But I did have a feeling of playfulness, happiness, in natural settings and it seemed important.

We came to a brook (spring?) and hopped across it on three stepping stones - hop, hop *HOP* - and I stopped for a moment. I turned around and saw Turtle in the water. I was hesitant about moving forward - touching a strange turtle is a good way to get bitten. But I realized that it was Turtle, and I gave him a bit of a hug. There was a flash of "don't crush the shell!" but then Turtle appeared a bit like a cartoony de-shelled turtle so we could hug safely, because the shell would not crack under too tight a hug. Then we moved on.

The forest turned to fall, and I had this vision of trying to build leaf forts and leafmen (i.e., as if it was snow) and realized it couldn't be done. And it was scratchy - bare-limbed trees with scratchy branches sticking out all over. But then, your ancestor gestured at some dirt, and I ran forward, and it was a bit muddy, but I quickly realized it was good loam, and earthy and filled with life. It was good, and rich, and ripe for planting. I looked around... it was still autumn. But it was definitely time for planting.

I asked if there was more to this, and realized that there may be, but it was time to review the journey so as not to lose anything valuable, and then come back.

[1] I knew what death refers to (transformation) and the hanged man (seeking new perspectives). I had no idea what the four of cups referred to.
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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2009-06-19 02:04 am (UTC)
First: I never, never never tell someone what their visions mean. That said, I did feel it was a Rider Tarot deck, and the one source I saw suggested that it referred to stagnation, which felt right to me.

But, you know which card it refers to, and you know what it means to you. I'm just throwing this in to make sure you have both options in front of you :-).

I knew you had some mobility issues, but I didn't know if you walked with a cane, specifically - but the old woman wasn't you, definitely. The angry swinging did make me think there were ancestor issues. But there was also a kind of duty there.

Ancestor spirits are considered to be extremely old spirits, not like your parents or even your great great grand parents, but the people from many, many years ago who have come back to the middle world to help.

But there was that kind of confusing "And you tell that great-great-great-granddaughter of mine... oh. Yes, I suppose I do have to help her, don't I. You're right, I shouldn't be yelling like this," energy to it. This wasn't going to be a fictional-style reconciliation, everyone falling into a warm group hug "and they lived happily ever after". But there was a very strong sense of duty involved. Maybe not warm affectionate love, but the kind of love that might want to kick your ass if you're doing something stupid... but would turn around and tear apart anyone who looked at you with nasty intent, because no one else has the right; they're not family.
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