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Moving has been accomplished [Apr. 2nd, 2010|12:18 pm]
So - the move was 3/31, the last day of my lease. I had scheduled movers for early in the day, figuring that I was due no more then 3-4 hours of moving. Thank heaven, I was right.

The movers were able to bring me down to three carloads (and all of it light/relatively easy to move stuff), so good on them for moving prowess, and good on me for boxing up everything that didn't move to much and could fit in a box.

The cleaning folks - well, let's just say that my apartment was dirtier than I'd realized. Getting the empty apartment to "move out ready" took about 8 hours of labor, three by me, five by the cleaner. I was glad to pay for an extra half hour (break time - I don't think the guy took a single break!)

I was exhausted, but happy to move in, and tickled to see my Netflix address change had gone through. Then I remembered just how few outlets I have - the house is being re-wired and there aren't a lot of outlets that are live. Thankfully, you can play Netflix DVDs on a laptop - just one outlet required!

The electrical re-wiring also caused a crazy side issue - they'd shut off the circuit breaker that provides electrical power to the furnace. The house was at 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Not too bad - but I don't tend to keep a lot of long sleeved shirts around, so I was getting a bit chilly.

Thankfully, a plumbing/HVAC company could come out the next morning. They lit the pilot on my hot water heater (always make sure your hot water heater is working *before* you move!) and found the lack of power to the furnace; flipping the switch on the electric panel fixed the furnace, and soon the house was comfortably warm again.

I did some unpacking and moving in, and today, I'm back at work.

Over the weekend, they should finish most of the remaining rewiring. That could be interesting - I'm not sure if they'll be able to cut me over to a new power feed and then finish the rewiring, or if they have to re-wire, and then cut me to the new feed - meaning I'll have some time without any power. I'll find out soon.

Once that's done - well, I'll feel a lot more comfortable. There's still the foundation work, and the roof, but it's the lack of electricity that's keeping me from being able to set up most of my stuff.

[User Picture]From: jhetley
2010-04-02 07:20 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the Money Pit!
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[User Picture]From: tigerbright
2010-04-03 12:37 am (UTC)
good luck, and may these fixes be the last time you have to do anything other than standard maintenance!
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[User Picture]From: essaying
2010-04-03 02:05 am (UTC)
Yay! I hope ours goes a tenth as smoothly! (It won't, but I still hope so.)

And many many congratulations on the new domicile!
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[User Picture]From: droops
2010-04-03 04:37 am (UTC)
Great news, hope you enjoy the new place!
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[User Picture]From: wordweaverlynn
2010-04-03 08:22 am (UTC)
Congratulations! And we want pictures!
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From: kightp
2010-04-04 05:54 am (UTC)
*grin* He has a camera-enabled um-friend coming to visit next weekend. Meantime, here are a few from before he closed the deal.
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