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Two jobs kinda done... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Two jobs kinda done... [May. 23rd, 2010|11:31 am]
So, I scraped all of the big chunks of wallpaper off of my one bedroom wall.

"Huh?" you ask, thinking that's a strange kind of chore, and it is.

You see, when they leveled the house to repair the foundation, they ended up putting a big rip in the wallpaper (and the paint covering the wallpaper). One corner of the house was raised a full 5 inches on that side - on the other side, we had to go up 7!

(Um. That's "seven!" said with emphasis, not 7 factorial, which would have required a wormhole through time and space, which would require a very strange space-time anomaly, or a very strange worm.)


So, I had to (eventually) strip a wall's worth of wallpaper and paint. Last Friday, due to an unusual confluence of events, I stripped about half of it. Today, I finished it.

Now, I have wood - two types of wood - with remnants of a cardboard-y wallpaper stuck to it. I don't like it very much, but I like it a whole lot better than the half-wallpaper, half wood-with-cardboard-y-stuff. The "wood with bits of cardboard" looks awful... but the wood with cardboard *and* unstripped wallpaper looked awful *and* lazy. It looked like someone lived there who wasn't willing to put in the work to maintain the house. It looked... well, it looked like deep depression.

Now it looks like something I either have to learn to clean off, or hire a professional to clean and re-cover (with paper, paint, or whatever). But it doesn't look nearly as lazy, with a job clearly half-finished.

The range hood is prepped and ready, but for one ridiculous thing (in addition to sitting on the floor, rather than over the range, because I'm not sure if I can mount it, given the wood under there...).

I used to have an over-range microwave. I took that down. It plugged into an outlet over the stove. Normally, you'd wire the range hood into the house wiring - but I've got that outlet sitting right there, above the spice cabinet. So, I connected a plug to the range hood. There's only one thing left to do - I need a strain relief cord connector. Well... I actually have one. But it looks like it only grips the wire (and thus, provide strain relief) when sufficiently tightened (so it squeezes the gasket) - and I only have one wrench that holds the size of the nut that I need to tighten. And I need two, one to hold it on one side, and one to tighten.

Not a big deal, but a bit of a frustrating blocking problem.

Still, that's two major things I'd hoped to do this weekend, both all-but done.