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In case anyone on my f-list is interested... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In case anyone on my f-list is interested... [Jun. 17th, 2010|01:11 pm]
Drum, Rattle, Didj, Dance, Song, Flute, Ocean Healing Ceremony
on Summer Solstice Eve
Sunday, June 20th, 6PM
Golden Gardens
8499 Seaview Place Northwest
Seattle, WA
{{look for drummers in the section of the beach near the park entrance}}

Come to Golden Gardens RAIN OR SHINE with your noise makers and ecstatic bodies to send loving energy to the oceans and all our sisters and brothers that live there.

We will form a circle at 6PM and drum at length until we feel done.
We could be there into the night.
The more people that come, the larger the circle and power of healing there will be.
YOU ARE THE CIRCLE. Please come if you can.
*You do not need to be a musical person to contribute.

Though our expression is unguided our focus and intent will be one:

- Healing for the Ocean People
- Acknowledgment of our Human selves in part responsibility for the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico
- Acknowledgment and reinforcement of our own Divinity in our place of the great web.

This is a devotional activity. This is a healing circle of giving as well as receiving for it is in both gratitude and love that the healing energies can flow. Feel free to hold your own meditations with your friends at your end of the circle. All expressions: joy, grief, sorrow, love, determination, welcome.

Yes! You can cook food on the fire. You can put things on the altar. You can bring your kids. You can dance to the ocean in the circle. You can even make up ocean chants. Let's all wear OCEAN COLORS!! :D
..and do bring your flyers for the networking table, for community, spiritual, environmental awareness, drum offerings

Sponsored by Northwest Ceremonies and Turtle Drum

[User Picture]From: desert_dragon42
2010-06-18 02:03 am (UTC)
Dang, wish I lived nearby! That sounds like my sort of thing!
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