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Results... [Jul. 4th, 2011|12:17 pm]
So, the sourdough rye seems to have turned out. For anyone else out there, if you make sourdough rye with lots off rye flour, it seems likely to tear. This time, I didn't have any cracking (I had a better feel for how wet the dough should be) but it still rose enough, while refrigerated, to split near the top.

I haven't cut it open yet, because I had to finish off the fried rice for breakfast, and any more starch would leave me dead. Well, it wouldn't kill me, but it would leave me so tired that it seems likely that an army of angry bunnies would choose to strike while I was defenseless. But my experience with refrigerator rising is that there tends to be somewhat larger holes in the bread, but as long as it's not explicitly overproofed, it tends to be useable, both as bread and as a sandwich base.

My attempt to make rolls (including at least one hot dog bun) for Independence Day had led me to consider that getting one's hand coated with flour-water paste is probably not a *bad* thing. I think the dough is good... I guess I'll find out. (And, I suppose in a worst case scenario, a hot dog on sourdough rye is not a *bad* thing.)