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Two small victories [Sep. 26th, 2011|11:37 am]
1) endurance victories: yesterday, I ran at least 9 70 second intervals (meaning 80 seconds of rest), and today, I ran ten 60 second intervals, with 75 seconds of rest.

2) aerobic health victories: Yesterday, I definitely over-did it. But, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as overdoing it had been over the summer. It wasn't pleasant, but I could deal with it, easily. This was starting to concern me, because I didn't remember being able to overdo it so easily, and have the effects last so long, when I was younger.

Unfortunately, the rains are returning... this was when I hoped to be able to do a slow jog for 20 minutes, and I can't yet. (It's a lot easier to go out in the rain and jog for 20 minutes than to start/stop/etc.).

Fortunately, I still don't melt in the rain - I have proof once again! But I have to figure out what to do when it gets colder.

[User Picture]From: hobbitbabe
2011-09-26 07:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think that noticing how quickly one bounces back from overdoing is definitely a measure of fitness.

Muscle-wise, overdoing it feels worst for me two days later, though, which makes it a bit hard to tell.

Since I live in Edmonton, I have lots of experience successfully keeping warm while walking and running at various intensities, and keeping my footing on ice or snow. I do not have a lot of experience being comfortable walking or running in cold rain, though. Which is one way that Edmonton is nicer than Seattle, but I have an idea that it's a short list.
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