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Too stressed/tired for LJ much, but - Interval training update - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Too stressed/tired for LJ much, but - Interval training update [Nov. 7th, 2011|11:21 am]
As I suspected, frequent rain and colder temperatures have made me a bit of a wimp. I've been finding using my stepping bench more and more useful recently. (It's a small platform, maybe 4 inches high, but adjustable to higher heights. It struck me as awfully expensive (closer to $100 than $50, IIRC), but it's kept me from feeling I need a treadmill, so it's a good investment.) I step up and down, or sometimes side to side, while watching TV, and check to make sure my heart rate is getting up in the 140-150 range. I can do that for a half-hour now.

But within the past week, I tried interval training twice. The first time... the first time I realized one of the big problems with trying to be macho. I wanted to see if I could split my intervals - 75 seconds running, 75 walking. That was too much; and, that's when I realized that I'd have felt ever so much better if I could do just ten intervals, 1 minute running, one and a half walking.

See, that was about where I stopped; if I could still do ten intervals, but a little more comfortably, that would have been a victory. Instead, I tried to do more, and now I couldn't start over. I got a good workout in, but now I didn't have a good measure for improvement.

So, that was a good lesson learned; I really wanted to see "some" improvement, and by trying to see too much, I couldn't tell if I'd had any.

Yesterday, I found I could do 12 intervals, 1 running, one and a half walking. I had a bit of fatigue later that day (the super-sleepiness that I now know is a sign I worked my heart a bit too hard), but it didn't last long, and I could work through it.

I still have bad pains in my hip and leg after doing this - jogging is still forcing my legs and hip to do new stuff that's not quite comfortable yet - but the pain has been getting less. And I think that I'm actually working harder now, because I have the range of motion to move a bit more freely.

After wcg suggested I slow my pace down a bit, I found I couldn't do that without lifting my feet a lot more. Well, that made me engage my hip more. At first, it was awkward - I felt like I was trying to hop over something just in front of me. Now, it feels a lot more natural, but it's still a little stilted because I'm still intentionally keeping myself from running quickly. So, anyway: I think I'm working more muscles, and thus, working a bit harder, maybe going a bit faster. But even if not, that's an extra two intervals on top of what used to be a hard workout, and with less tiredness afterward.

So I made some progress last month. It doesn't feel like much, but it's real, and measurable.