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Physical fitness update [Dec. 5th, 2011|07:52 pm]
I did 7 two minute intervals on Sunday - I felt a bit run down afterward - but I'd felt a bit run down beforehand, too - maybe a bit of a cold. So, I stopped at 7, refusing to go any further.

That's 14 minutes of jogging in 24.5 minutes of a workout. But I really need to be a bit more careful - if I hadn't been careful to run slowly, I think I could have made myself miserable. Time to freeze here for at least a couple weeks.

Today, I felt a bit tired which I considered partly due to overexertion. I was still able to bump up my step-bench workout by 3 minutes (33 minutes total time), but I assume I wasn't working quite as hard as I do when I'm not tired.