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Mostly a reminder to myself... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mostly a reminder to myself... [Jan. 11th, 2012|10:04 pm]
So, a few days back, I was kneading some bread dough (technically, pizza dough) and I realized I was shying away from putting weight on my left leg (which is the one with the sciatic issues, remember) so I stopped and started forcing the issue a bit - I was by a counter, and kneading, so if I lost my balance, it just put weight on my hands. I did a kind of lunge, putting weight on that leg with my right leg behind me for stability. I'd been doing some other exercises, as well, to target the sore muscles back there.

(Oh: and exercise-wise, I'm 11 for 11 on the year - at least 25 minutes of exercise each day.)

So I think things are loosening up back there. But "loosening up" is hopeful-speak for "hurting a lot more". My hip's been hurting badly enough to disturb my sleep the past 2-3 nights, but it hurts in a way that makes me think it might be getting better.

(Sciatic pain is funny that way - sometimes, when you regain some range of motion, you start being able to pinch the sciatic in new ways.)

But if it's not getting better, well, I figure I shouldn't ignore this sudden worsening for more than two weeks. So, I'm going to decide it started hurting Monday (because that way, if it's still hurting on the 23rd, it's time to call the doctor).