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Treadmill has been delivered... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Treadmill has been delivered... [Jan. 22nd, 2012|06:35 pm]
Gotta be careful playing with new toys... they can be tiring!

I've done an hour and fifteen minutes of various workouts today. I've decided I have to learn patience, and start thinking carefully about what I want and how to achieve it.

Alas, as I feared, this treadmill doesn't change speed very quickly, so interval training is very problematic (read as "nearly impossible until I'm more fit" - I can't risk running for 90 seconds, and wanting to stop, and having to wait 30 seconds for it to slow down to a reasonable speed - even hitting the stop button doesn't slow it down that fast!). But I was able to kick it up to 6 miles per hour and found that it's still very stable, and quiet, at that speed. When I'm ready to jog on it, it'll be ready for me.

And it works well for walking with a good, smooth change in incline.

Post-workout, I've got some sciatic twinges, which I usually consider a good thing. If I don't have any, I'm nervous that I'm not working the right muscles.

All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase, and celebrating my workouts with some chicken strips.