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Another fitness check [Apr. 1st, 2012|06:44 pm]

On my treadmill, 35 minutes of exercise - 25 minutes jogging at 5.4, and 10 minutes walking at 4.0. I feel a little tired, and I'm not feeling wiped out - I think I could do some random work that I've been putting off.

Yesterday, I found I could do intervals at 5.8 for 3.5, 4, and 4.5 minutes (1.5 minutes of rest in between) for 35 minutes, but I was wiped. If I was at work, I could respond to an emergency, and I could do mildly-interesting scut-work, but I couldn't (e.g.) try to write a new PowerShell script.

(PowerShell is Microsoft's attempt to avoid having Perl and other good scripting languages take over their world. It's surprisingly good, but sometimes *very* slow.)

Planning this out, I *have* to stop doing exercise like I did yesterday. I can't leave myself feeling crappy much longer - otherwise I won't have any sense of progress. I mean, okay, what, a couple months ago, I was pleased to do intervals at 5, and the 5.3, and then 5.5, so I'm making *great* progress. But a mid-term goal of fitness is to go about your day with an awareness that your body is stronger - overtraining has the opposite effect.

If I feel happy the rest of today, then I'm torn. One part of me wants to try 25 minutes at 5.5, and one part of me wants to force myself to do a week of 5.4, and then bump it up.

I think I'm going to decide how to make the decision instead: if I choose to try 5.5 for 25 minutes, that's it - just 25 minutes, at 5.5. No extra walking, no thinking "but I can just walk at a decent pace for another n minutes and the calorie reading will be (whatever big value would be rewarding). If I keep to 5.4, I'll let myself have an extra 10-15 minute walking.

One side note: I'm always "sugaring up" before exercise... eating at least a hundred calories (and I try for significantly more) of simple (dried berries) or relatively simple (e.g. graham crackers) carbohydrates. I sometimes eat more. It's hard... I'm falling into the traps my mom set in my head. Eating sugar feels like I'm "wasting calories". But without sugar, I've noticed my workouts are a lot less intense, and a lot more stinky (I turn a lot more protein into glucose, giving off ammonia smells in the process, without sugar). And while I think it's slowing down my weight loss (I'm still hovering around 235), I think having a stronger, more fit body is probably better than losing weight faster. Once I hit my magic goal of 3 miles in 30 minutes, I can forcefully tell myself that this is plenty good enough, and hold steady, until my workouts are purely enjoyable, and don't leave me tired.

Public service announcement: Ace brand bandages and cold compresses are good. Other elastic bandages I've tried have stretched out and get all bulgy and looser, and the Ace compresses don't require a towel to protect my skin (not the qualifier: *my* skin, but they might also be okay on yours), except when I'm putting them on my feet. (I sometimes wrap them around my feet where my big toe joins the foot.)

I have far too many compresses in my freezer. Or, perhaps, I have far too many places that get a bit achey after exercising. I'll take either explanation :-). But icing and *excruciating* care has prevented any injuries so far.

[User Picture]From: essaying
2012-04-03 01:15 pm (UTC)
Re: numbers on the scale: When I had my abdominoplasty, my mother asked, "How much weight will you lose?"

"Only about six pounds," I told her. "But I'll probably go down a size or two, plus the repairs to my abdominal muscles will make me a lot stronger and support my spine a lot better."

"Only six pounds?" she replied. "Well, what's the point of *that*?"

Moral to the story: our mothers' generation is even crazier than ours when it comes to food, eating and body image.
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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2012-04-10 10:54 pm (UTC)
Nod. My mom had some really toxic thoughts about food and eating. I sometimes wonder if the diet she put me on is why I'm a couple inches shorter than my brothers.

(I don't blame my mom for any of that - but I do recognize the toxicity. In fact, it was part of the issues that led to the big fight before her death. She was passive aggressive about food - don't use the low-fat sour cream, and she might make a face or snort - maybe without even realizing it. And it's crushing, because she was a very loving woman, but never got the "you're going to do something of which I don't approve, and it would be unkind for me to visibly react, so I should remember that I have something to do somewhere else" game down.)

(I want to have children (and probably never will, but oh well) - but sometimes, I think they'll either be the most marvelously geeky, or most hideously warped, ever. I don't know that there could be room for middle ground.)
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