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Halicallahanicon 2012 - part 3 - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Halicallahanicon 2012 - part 3 [Jul. 31st, 2012|10:36 pm]
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So, kightp and I had finally arrived in Halifax, with almost all of our luggage and some necessary supplies, early in the morning, with little sleep since about 6am for her. I hadn't slept either, but since I was on a night shift, I wasn't *quite* as badly out of it as her - why, with the time zone change, I was only about 5-6 hours past *my* bed time, and, let's be honest - with my problems of depression and fatigue, well, I'm not happy when I'm shy on sleep, but I have a bit more experience than the average person.

For that reason, I told her we needed breakfast - soon - even sooner than sleep. Breakfast might put us to sleep, but we needed to have some protein in us to focus our brains on what would happen next. Thankfully - right across the street from the Motel - which was quite happy to take our luggage! - was a decent diner where most of our Callahanian-friends were already eating. We walked across the street (it wasn't that busy, but we noticed that if we absolutely had to, we could just wave for the drivers, and they'd stop for us - Canadian folks are amazingly kind), and found that there were, indeed a great many still there.

I found two things startling - my lack of functional memory (the memories were *there*, just not functioning) and how quickly things seemed to become normal.

By that, I mean, here we were, thousands of miles from home, with people, some of whom we've never actually *met*, but we were very quickly right at home. Yes, about to fall asleep if we stopped moving, but at home. The circle had closed, the circuit was complete - but it was an encompassing circle, not an excluding one. We got to meet Bill, Kitten, and Leslie early on - this was doubly nice, because they were not going to be around for long! - and Kitten joined us for breakfast. I think Kenora and Nigel were also there - forgive me if my sleep-addled brain is mis-remembering this! But here's where I realized my memory was going to be a problem. It took me almost 12 hours for the name Kenora to break its way through my memory banks, to where I could remember her from way back when. What did I remember, exactly? Um... nothing. Except that she was a name that I always looked forward to when I saw it pop up in the newsgroup.

(How can you look forward to something *after* you've seen it appear? Listen, I'm a shaman, if I want to mingle with cause and effect, I'm allowed to!)

We had a good breakfast, and then hiked to the home of our gracious host. Along the way, plans were made. Deep, important, plans. Plans that would shift the course of the entire universe, or at least potentially make supper late. But they were interrupted by the amazing coincidence of a rock in a sandal. We stopped, of course, and examined the rock. Interestingly, it was an ancient carving, one of the earliest elements used to designate 0. Wasn't that fascinating? A Sandal Trivial Rune?

We were going to continue with the deep plans - I even had a bit of shamanism planned to help things along, and I was going to use the now removed footwear to help, but as soon as I started, everyone else wanted to keep walking. Sigh. A Sandal Ritual Riven... alas.

Still... decisions were made along with the plans, and we completed our walk. Yes, I said walk, though some people might have thought "swim" - it was a very muggy day. There we met our host and found that being sociable and making flowers was the order of the day. The flowers seemed relatively simple to make, but since I was deeply sleep deprived, and fumble-fingered, and self-conscious, and both of those traits become worse the more sleep deprived I am, well, I decided I would skip the flower making and would instead supply witty banter.

Strangely, people kept *asking* me to make flowers... almost as if the banter - no, it couldn't be! But for just a moment, I got the idea that some - some unappreciative people - felt that I was like an unstopping verbal graffitist. Unstopping? Ha! That's truly A Vandal Inertia Slur! Some people never know when to shut up; they'll keep talking and talking, and never slowing down and letting anyone get a word in edgewise, but I'm never like that, I keep my eyes open and my mouth closed and am always aware of - hello, is that someone hitting me over the head with a two by four? Again? Sigh.

Where was I? Oh, yeah - we spent the afternoon mostly hanging - and making flowers. That's a much better afternoon that one might imagine. There was also wonderful food provided - alas, I spent far too much time quibbling over whether to have some of the borscht before it vanished, but the other food that caught my interest was also quite wonderful and tasty. It was yet another kindness that helped make up the magic of the weekend, and I sometimes wondered how to repay it, if it were even possible. I discussed it with some others, and the image that kept coming to my mind was a woman I knew from the region near the most prominent (and beautiful) mountain near my home. I met her at a woman's rights march, named after an ill-fated quote by a police officer. She was a great believer in the preservation of culture, just as many historians believed was true of those known (historically) as the vandals... you might have called her A Rainier Vandal Slut. But you probably wouldn't.

Eventually, I found that I'd been fading fast, and went upstairs to nap for a while. While the existence and provision of beds wasn't exactly a kindness of our gracious host (it was, as much as anything, a coincidence), it did make me ponder how to repay his kindness. Alas, while I thought I was dreaming great thoughts, I was actually dreaming of repeats of an old Next Gen show where the android was the bad guy... Data A Villain Reruns.

But after the nap, I felt much better and no longer felt like dropping any hints. That's good, too, because there was a sudden flood that the knitters of the group had to save us from, using a quick knit patch. Technically, it wasn't the flood itself that endangered us but the dirt being washed up. We needed A Darn Insert for Alluvia. But that really was the end.

We spent the rest of the day socializing back and forth; I managed to spend not-enough time with the lovely barbarakitten_t and managed to miss one of the Great Kindnesses being presented that night, due to my quest for a replenishment of socks and some additional low-carb comestibles. But I didn't forget the great conspiracy, which was to continue unabated tomorrow.

(Alas, I think - and hope - that the story will continue tomorrow. It's getting a mite late for storytelling tonight.)

From: kightp
2012-08-01 06:15 pm (UTC)
My breath remains bated! (Not, however, baited - I *did* have albacore for dinner last night, but I brushed my teeth).

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From: guruwench
2012-10-31 12:38 pm (UTC)
How I went this long without having you on my reading list here I have no idea, but I've finally added you and have been enjoying reading up on your trip reports. I'm honoured to have been a name you looked forward to reading way back when. :)

I haven't been all that talkative of late for many reasons, but I put up a post yesterday should you care to read it.
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