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Halicallahanicon 2012 - part 4 - not exactly "the end" - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Halicallahanicon 2012 - part 4 - not exactly "the end" [Aug. 9th, 2012|09:46 pm]
Link to Part 3, which links to the prior parts...

So, when last we left our erstwhile Callahanians, we were anagramming a few hints for a hidden kindness... oh, and having a late night Google+ hangout, and trying not to stay up *too* late because there were more happenings (and more happiness) for tomorrow.

The day started with a hearty breakfast, and plans were made on how to divide up the group to get people to various and sundry places. I went on one of the excursions to J W Doull's , though I think maybe everyone stopped by there. We were celebrating a group that was created from a book, and we had to visit what was a veritable shrine to the very notion of books. Seriously. They have everything. That copy of (name of the book ripped from the very fabric of space and time by angry demons) was genuine, and in very good condition, considering (description of event removed by the powers of good to prevent news of the horror from escaping). Well, almost everything. We took much value (leaving mere cash in its wake), but we feel we've also given something back. Time will tell as time often does... but joy was shared... perhaps more so than one might imagine.

We then wandered Halifax. We got to see the gardens, contemplate food (we didn't actually *eat* any but we did contemplate), and I managed to confuse some comic book sellers, much to janetmiles's chagrin. Oh well.

But then we headed back, for food (at last!) and time to prep for the masquerade. Hm. No. "Time to prep for the Masquerade".

Hm. No.

Picture darkness - with the hint of stars growing ever brighter, and then, the brightest shooting star you've ever seen flies by as "THE MASQUERADE" flashes on, in a manner that's much, much less tacky than you're probably imagining.

Yeah. That's about right.

For me, this mostly involved getting washed up (it was humid those first two days!) because I was going to go as an international man of mystery. Pat had tried coloring me a pirate mask, but I'm afraid a talking bird must have dunked it in some water, causing the color to smear, and as an IT professional, I couldn't try to mask a parrot-y error.

Still, I was there, and was witness to an amazing act of powerful magic. Not the parlor tricks of magicians of today and yesteryear; and not the earth-shaking power of myth, but the magic woven by love and friendship, and by a masterful gentleman who put it together, and gathered it up and made it real.

We arrived, each person anounced (with trumpet flourish!). We joined and danced in a group, and then we stepped back to watch a spectacle unfold.

There was bagpipe music; there was music inspired by Elizabeth Bishop; there was a playing of the Time Warp. There was a wall for Callahanians to write on. And... there was the finalization of another grand conspiracy that our fine host may soon learn about. Or perhaps not? But hints have been given, and the information is spelled out.

There was food, and drink, including a free lunch that Pernicious would surely have been laying atop had he not been waiting for ressurrection inside a giant cake. And there was magic - the magic of friendships melding, and meeting, and growing.

There is even photographic evidence of Pat and I dancing - though I suppose I could try to deny it, given the lighting conditions!

Eventually, the night wound down to an end, but what an end... John Barnstead sang for us all, and oh, what a voice... a truly magical end to a magical evening.

That wasn't exactly the end of Halicallahanicon 2012 - there were some folks hanging on late (like kightp and myself...), but it was the moment when the magic reached its crescendo, and we knew that as the joy continued, the first intrusions of more mundane life would surely be following. Certainly more happened... but how could I follow the magical with the merely wonderful? So I'll stop here, instead.

I wish more of you had been there.

From: kightp
2012-08-10 04:52 am (UTC)
Thank you, dearest, for journaling the whole thing in such detail. I feel as if I ought to bookmark these posts to savor later, side by side with the visual record I was keeping.

Were we dancing? I thought we were necking, standing up. (-:
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