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In response to a particular piece of political gamesmanship - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In response to a particular piece of political gamesmanship [Oct. 12th, 2012|09:13 pm]
I was the victim of a pickpocketing - I'm sure it was a terrorist attack, intended to secure funding for further attacks. Plus, I saw a person spit on the sidewalk. I'm sure that was another terrorist attack - biological warfare. There's no really strong evidence supporting that yet - but by golly, one should assume terrorist attack first, and not worry about evidence.

Similarly, I'm ashamed, yes, ashamed, of the Obama administration for not labeling the attack in Libya a terrorist attack from the instant the attack occurred.

Do you realize that Obama didn't raise the color coded threat level? He didn't increase security at TSA checkpoints either! Nor has he threatened to invade any unrelated countries, calling them the next front in the war on terror!

No, he waited - waited for intelligence reports! What kind of President waits for "facts" and "information" before decrying terrorism? George W. Bush didn't wait for facts!

Yeah, there's a choice in this election all right.