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Minor discoveries... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Minor discoveries... [Nov. 17th, 2002|02:55 pm]
Chicken breast, bulgar wheat, and curry powder make a really tasty dish whose flavor and consistency survives at least a single day of leftoverdom.

Relaxation is good.

It's very important to understand and label states of being. It took me a long time (and it still is somewhat disturbing on several levels) to realize that this 'kind of tired, almost' feeling is a good one. "WAIT A MINUTE! This is what being relaxed feels like!"

(FYI: mind not racing, body feeling a tad bit of inertia, because I've been meditating/sitting still, and I'm able to do things, but my mind has (usually) just come from a detached state so I'm not about to do something. You might recall that tiredness is a terrible thing for me, and my main depression symptom... that's how deep the problem goes.)

Oh, and:

In BGP, when using a route map, matching to an access list, the default "deny all" at the end of an access list doesn't deny the route, it simply denies the possibility of a match; nevertheless, the default 'deny all' at the end of every route map must still be addressed.


Route reflectors *MUST* be fully meshed, or the network will never converge,due to the split-horizon limitations of IBGP, however, the clients no longer require a complete mesh, which creates a significant savings in the number of links.

And... BGP is big. *LOTS* of stuff to learn. But I'm going to learn it :-).

From: kightp
2002-11-17 05:15 pm (UTC)
Inertia and stillness can feel very similar, but (to me, YMMV) are qualitatively different states. When you say
</em>I'm able to do things, but my mind has (usually) just come from a detached state so I'm not about to do something.</em>

... it sounds to me like stillness.

What's the difference? Hmmm ... inertia is when I feel stuck in immobility. Stillness is when I'm not moving (physically/mentally) but could easily do so, should I wish. (I meditate toward stillness, away from inertia, if that makes sense.)
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