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Mystery is closer to solved... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mystery is closer to solved... [Jun. 8th, 2013|10:11 pm]
So... if I exercise too much, I'll be tired.

The reason I thought it was "if I raised my heart rate too high" was because, well, when is it easiest to exercise too much? When doing a heavy aerobic workout. And what would happen if my body was crapping out in some way? Well, my heart rate would probably increase, to make whatever's missing more easily delivered. But today, a 50 minute workout that was at a nice, easy pace, left me drained.

In other news, the party I went to tonight was a success of a sort. I stayed for maybe 15 minutes, and left without being self conscious as I realized I had no energy left for socialization (but that it I *had* to be there, I could force myself). I'll have to try to avoid driving 35 miles to parties when I don't have the energy to manage socializing for more than 15 minutes in the future, of course.

In further news: I've found that a large number of depression symptoms are better when I have enough rest. To put it another way: a lot of my chronic depression symptoms might be caused by whatever it is that makes me feel lousy after exercising too much.

So the question is, does medical science have any answers to this question? I'll try to write up questions for my doctor... tomorrow. I'm tired tonight.