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Okay, that was probably a bit much. - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Okay, that was probably a bit much. [Aug. 14th, 2013|10:49 am]
Ten miles on Sunday.
Four miles on Monday (or was it 5?)
Four miles on Tuesday.

Today, I'm tired.

That was half-stupid.

Half-stupid, because Monday, my lower-back "hinge" hurt like a really hurty thing (not awful, but constant) and I didn't want to squat. Tuesday, it hurt much less. Wednesday, no real pain at all, just a sense of "wow, big workout yesterday."

But *muscles aren't everything*. The muscles might be working better and strengthening, but the whole body needs to rest and recuperate. Yes, in emergencies, people start hiking 10-20 miles a day, with plenty of food and good clothing and shelter, and get over the "please let me just die!" phase and become stronger and harder and able to handle it. But during that "please let me die" they're miserable. (It's almost like that "please let me die" name should be a clue to that.)

So, light day today - probably lawn mowing and gardening, and nothing else.