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So... I was doing okay last week, then ran into some stress on… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 4th, 2014|08:14 am]
So... I was doing okay last week, then ran into some stress on Thursday, took Friday off - oh, thank goodness, I was so fatigued that it took me all day to get in the three hours of work I couldn't afford not to do - and then was fatigued again on Monday, but thank all that's holy, I have a good manager who took me off the queue when I was carrying 1.5 x a sensible workload.

Alas, now I'm only at 1.25 a sensible workload, so I'll be back to "normal" work.

And, alas, Saturday, I discovered that even seemingly minor stresses can knock me out for two days as well.

Well, technically, Saturday, when I felt ten times better than I had on Friday, I had some minor stresses that made me relapse through Monday. But I think I'm feeling better today. (I've done dishes, cooked(!!!) breakfast, and read and closed a few LJ/DW windows, and am actually posting. And it's only 8:17, when I only have to be moving to get out the door on time by... 8:15.)

Something about that last parenthetical comment is important, but I'm blanking on what.

It's weird. Yesterday, I could have been angry and frustrated and slowed down my recovery, but I knew I was fatigued. And I did get some work done (slowly) and I helped a few people - including helping one person learn how to analyze a stack dump and search for bugs, er, known issues based upon the results.

(Stack? Imagine you ask a friend to do you a favor, who calls in a favor from another friend, who calls in a favor from another friend. That's like a stack - where one bit of programming calls another, which calls another, which calls another, with the results of each call returning to the one who asked.

So the analogy would collapse if the friend of the friend of the friend did you the favor directly. The final friend in the chain should return to the previous, to the previous, to your friend, to you. That's a stack. It's called a stack because if you're stacking something (like plates) you can imagine you can only grab the top plate in the stack, or can only put a new plate on that top plate. Last In, First Out. And for bugs, er, known issues, you can usually find them by matching the stack. )

Anyway - new guy might have learned to analyze a stack which is a big deal.

And now - right, gotta run and get ready to leave for work.