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So, gentle exercise every day... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So, gentle exercise every day... [Mar. 19th, 2014|08:38 pm]
... and my brain and mood have been good. I do feel certain that my sinuses are a bit irritated, so I either have allergies or a cold, which means maybe I'm not supposed to feel really *good*, which is good, because I don't :-). But then, I'm not sure when I last felt energetic, so maybe I have to grow into that.

Work has slowed down to the point that I'm getting nervous - soon I won't have enough work to fill the day which isn't a bad thing if it doesn't last long, but I'm better working at a steady pace.

I'm going to tentatively be hopeful and decide things are getting better, and for that reason, I'm still letting myself rest a bit tonight (i.e, assuming that tomorrow will be good too). Yesterday, I searched for health insurance (dear lord, but it's easy!) and I'm trying to think about what level to buy. Last year, I'd have been best off buying the best insurance possible; this year, well, I've already had the big, expensive tests done.

But I do know some things to check. Does the plan with the $1500 deductible cost exactly $500 less than the one with the $1000 deductible over the course of a year? Then it might be a better bargain, if everything else is the same - and unless I need medical care quickly, I might get to keep more of my money in pocket for longer.

And I can try not to think too hard about the maximum out of pocket, in the hopes that I won't actually *hit* that limit :-).

But tomorrow and Friday, I have to make a decision, and get my taxes done.