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On a more serious note - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On a more serious note [Sep. 29th, 2014|09:45 pm]
Okay: it seems that a severely restricted carbohydrate diet is a big help to my managing my symptoms.

It also seems that I might have evidence that emotional state is more important than heart rate or blood pressure for causing my problems. This is good. This is good for more reasons than I can explain, yet, especially if I can get my doctors to sign off on the issue.

And even better news... well.

Friday, I called the Insurance Commissioner's office. They listened sympathetically, but pointed out that the Washington Health Exchange is not a government agency nor is it a private company, and it's a shame they are the only way for people to get subsidies, so people like (me) are stuck in the... I don't need subsidies? Then why don't I go straight to the insurance companies, rather than working with these nimrods who could screw up a rock fight?

I was boggled, of course - see, the "individual market" just wasn't what people *did* prior to the ACA. Oh, sure, some people did, but not people with pre-existing conditions. I'd taken antidepressants in the past - in some markets, that, alone, would make it so some companies wouldn't sell me a policy - at any price! And I've got that, *plus* chest pain last year, plus wonky blood sugar, plus this mystery disorder.

So I checked the regulations, and saw I had 60 days from the day my insurance expired, and visited an icythyoid artillerist. I mean a canonized freshwater fish. no, wait, I mean, I went *HOLY CARP* that's TODAY.

So I planned out how to get insurance and found out... my insurance information was transmitted over the weekend. I'm covered. For all of September, for all the good that does me, and then onward. And when I renew, I don't have to use the exchanges (because I'm *so* not eligible for subsidies), so I won't have to deal with the Washington Exchanges again.

And I kicked names and took asses at work (have you ever had to remove a mule from your SQL Server instance? It's not a pretty picture, best to call in the professionals).

So, all in all, a good day.

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