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Geeky, and works... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Geeky, and works... [Jan. 17th, 2015|11:09 am]
Have you ever seen something like this, where you think "That'd be awfully cool, but is it any good?"


Well - it's pretty darn good. It gave me a few years of good service, before one of the magnetic snaps pulled free from the canvas. This isn't a serious issue, though it seriously limits my use of the bag - it removes the front "utility" pouch, which was very important for me. It looks like a clever, crafty person could fix it - but that's not me.

Still - about $50, for a few years of good service, and relatively sturdy construction, is worth it for me.

(And once my new one shows up, if anyone thinks they *are* clever and crafty enough to fix the magnetic snap on the front pouch - or just doesn't need the front pouch at all! - there'll be one available, damn cheap.)