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Life and such... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Life and such... [May. 31st, 2015|03:06 pm]
So, it's been an interesting few weeks. Work got really busy, so busy that the notion of a three day weekend seemed unbearably enticing, and then personal stuff got in the way so it wasn't restful.

But on the plus side of the personal things, I got to hold a wake and bury some dead stuff (stuff as in "stuff from the past"). Not great, but better than not.

Free of charge vicarious scare: One of my drives which I trusted as a backup drive suddenly died, possibly with no data recoverable. Remember, if it's important enough to keep, it's generally important enough to have on at least two copies.

Hey, here's a question that's really odd to be asking, given where I live and the time of the year. Does anyone know if regular garden hose length makes any appreciable difference in pressure? Like: I have a ten foot hose to a 100 foot coiled hose "house" which might go to a splitter that runs two sprinklers. (My one water outlet is high pressure - I think splitting will help!) But then I need another 10-20 feet of hose for the sprinklers. And of course, if I don't have a 10-20 foot hose, I might have to use a 30-40 foot hose, so....

Anyway. Plumbing is kind of like electrical work, or so they say. I know with electrical work, longer runs mean more power wasted. I believe that you can do a pretty long run without having to worry about power actually dropping appreciably. But I'm not gardener enough to know about water.

And I know I have some fiercely smart folks in my LJ/DW feed, so I figured I'd ask. (I suppose I could, I dunno, ask a plumber to run a new tap or two to the exterior so I wouldn't need such long hose runs, but that would mean realizing that I have time today to call a plumber, to call some plumbers, to be home when they say they'll show up to get an idea about the job, to be there when they actually *do* the job, and... and yeah.)

Where was I? Oh, right. Ahem.

Ahem, cough.


Here's one thing that really gets me upset. I know I can't write off an unusually sunny spring in western Washington to global warming. And I know that the Inhofes of the world know that - that'd be the first thing they'd throw back if someone did claim this had to do with climate change. But somehow, "HAH! It SNOWED!" is meaningful.

There's a lot of battling about viewpoints, and a lot of unfair soundbites created and transmitted, and that upsets me too, because I'm one of those "reality based community" types. There are zingers and shadings of the truth and ways to lie by cherry picking statistics dishonestly, and so forth. I don't like that, but I acknowledge it's going to happen.

But when one side of a debate gets to throw around complete garbage as part of their argument, shamelessly, we've gone beyond soundbites and focus groups and nasty, negative political attacks.

[User Picture]From: bkwrrm_tx
2015-06-01 12:49 am (UTC)
You're watering in Seattle because TX has all your damned water. Seriously - I'm glad we got it, because drought was getting bad but you can take it back now.
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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2015-06-01 01:42 am (UTC)
Could be. You know, Seattle normally has a lot of rain, but not a lot of water fall. Lots of dreary, drizzly, take an umbrella, just in case, days. And we've missed about a month and a half's worth... no, I think you've got rain from some other people too. You can't blame it *all* on us.

(On the plus side, I now see that it's light at 8:45pm *before* the solstice. Normally, it's too overcast to notice.)
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