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Long delayed update... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Long delayed update... [Feb. 4th, 2016|07:42 am]
So: at the absolute end of the year, I went through the interview process. Good news: I burned through the technical part to the point that they were running out of questions to use to probe deeper for my knowledge.

Then came the management interview - not a problem since I had a good record established already. So our next step was waiting.

Things got a bit more fun when I found one of my contracting firms had gone out of business! To prove I worked for them, I needed some W2s, and I'd worked for them in three calendar years, all about 3-5 (well, technically, 4-6) calendar years ago.

That happened and then... whoops. They hadn't gotten *re-hire* approval.

They'd gotten approval to hire someone in Washington. (The job was supposed to be in Charlotte NC, Fargo ND, or Los Colinas TX.) They'd gotten the background check approval, which was a relief since it means no one has forgotten to remove seen fit to insert any information about membership in any secret societies.

But they hadn't gotten rehire approval. Which I suspected might be the case when, late in the game (about two weeks ago?) I heard from a higher level manager who needed to speak to me. Well... I consciously didn't panic and kept to my line. ("Well, sure, there might be causes for concern... but let's not review the *history* - let's talk about addressing those concerns going forward!")

Finally, I got my start date - February 1. And I made it to orientation *ON TIME!* Yes, indeed, I conquered Washington traffic and I got to building 92 with plenty of time... to circle the parking lot for 8 minutes and realize there was NO PARKING.

Thankfully, I knew there was a parking garage close by, and I drove there, and, even more thankfully, knew that I MUST NOT hurry to the building (because that would trigger fatigue). I got there 10 minutes late, which meant everyone else had already gone through initial processing (picture taking, I9-identification presentation (having a passport card really speeds this up and means you can keep your ratty, 30-year-old social security card safe at home!), and such), but no problems - I wasn't the first person to get caught in traffic (or parking), and soon I was watching a presentation about how wonderful it is to work for Microsoft.

(It can be a good, nay, great, place to work - but my natural cynicism drums its metaphorical fingers at these things. At the same time, I recognize it's a darn good way to introduce people to the workplace. Still... if I'd had a choice, letting me dive into a few SQL Server configuration or performance issues would have made me happier.)

And then... because my hiring manager is in Charlotte, and my reporting manager is in Issaquah (just a big lake away from Redmond (the Microsoft "mother ship")), my network access was MUNGed. ("MUNG" is a recursive acronym. It means "MUNG Until No Good.")

That got set up yesterday, and... listen. I know everyone MUNGs a password once in a while, but... I created a twisted password, but one twisted in a very precise manner, one that I could identify to me with very brief mnemonic. And I keyed that password in very carefully, and... I was told it was no good. My password needs to be reset.

On the plus side, I had had a chance to set up my new laptop. (32gb RAM! SSD boot disk, and 1tb hard drive! quad core i7 processor! I feel shamed at having bought a new laptop for fear they wouldn't give me adequate computing equipment!) It should be mostly ready for me this morning.

Sending my love to you all (in a seemly, masculine way to you gents, of course....), and here's hoping the universe is treating you well.

[User Picture]From: wcg
2016-02-04 04:44 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! Hope things go well.
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[User Picture]From: janetmiles
2016-02-05 01:59 am (UTC)
Excellent! I wish you all success and a comfortable work environment.
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