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Interesting week... [Feb. 9th, 2016|01:45 pm]
So, I started working at Microsoft - and now, I have my first case. It's fun to be back in the saddle!

While I was off work, I did manage to do some studying... not as much as I wanted, maybe not as much as I "should" have (see, I also binged on the Twilight Zone - got through 3+ seasons!) but I did learn a lot about Python.

If you're like me, and have heard enough about Python to want to know what the fuss is about, I think I know enough to tell you.

It's very, very simple. It allows you to do things that are normally complicated, in a very simple way. It's really easy to re-use a function (or set of functions) from your library. And because of some design choices, it makes certain problems easy to catch. Of course, due to its simplicity, it makes other errors very tricky to find.

I can see why some people say "it makes programming fun again." It just gets out of your way, avoiding a lot of the overhead of other languages. You can make something meaningful, and get it working quickly.

Now, I have to see if I can start using it, and I have a project where I think it'll help - reviewing some of the standardized data collected by SQL Server.

Here's hoping life is treating you all well, and giving you interesting things to do.