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Interesting followup... [Mar. 13th, 2016|06:32 pm]
So, there was a bit a while back about horrible waits at the VA. I followed this link - I'm not sure where I saw it.

This is really bothersome. "Privatization" is a big thing, and the reason it's a big thing is that any time there's a big pile of money involved in some service - like education, or medical care that's not already private - there's a relatively natural desire to try to pick up a piece of the action. This feels a bit dirtier; data deliberately being manipulated to make the splashy headline, and as always, follow up investigation is never quite as headline-grabbing, or as widely seen, heard, and discussed. As the article points out, Bernie Sanders can be said to look bad for sticking up for the VA, in spite of having been correct.