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Politics (brief) - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Politics (brief) [Nov. 1st, 2016|08:23 am]
So... how bad is the political state in this country? Well... I saw a couple of references - anonymously sourced, so, possibly BS - that said one of the reasons Comey announced that he had a laptop that contained e-mails that he wasn't allowed to review, that might be evidence of a crime when there's no evidence a crime has been committed, but he's still going to try to get a warrant to review them, later....

Where was I? Right - one of the reasons Comey performed some unprecedented and extremely questionable actions is that there are several FBI agents ready to resign over a lack of indictment of Hillary Clinton.

This, if true, is beyond merely "wrong". Yes, there are times when officers know that someone is likely involved in criminal activity. But Hillary Clinton shows signs only of having been relentlessly pursued by people determined to ruin her, and having every investigation come up empty.

I'd assumed that "the Republican faithful" - the cheerleaders who chant "lock her up" and "build a wall" and such - was starting to believe that she was a criminal... but not officers of the law. I thought they'd respect the law too much for that.

Okay: but this is anonymously sourced, right? Which means it might be total BS, right? Sure. But that it's plausible, that it's not laughed off, shows that it's now so normal to declare a hated enemy is an actual criminal that no one bothers to think about it.

Oh, I know. Both sides do it. Some Democrats accuse former President George W. Bush and Richard Cheney of war crimes... thing is, we know they approved enhanced interrogation techniques, and that people were tortured. That's evidence.

And yeah, people got all het up about the Iran Contra game, sell weapons to an enemy of America, to illegally fund a war, but we know laws were broken there, too.

And if there are massive rallies with chants of "lock them up!" I've never seen nor heard of 'em.

This isn't okay. It's insanely dangerous.