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Played 'em like a violin... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Played 'em like a violin... [Nov. 10th, 2016|10:07 am]

After confidently asserting that Hillary Clinton was definitely guilty of crimes, suddenly, there's no rush to follow up. Why not?

Well... because they knew damn well Hillary Clinton wasn't guilty of any wrongdoing. What they had to do was get the news media to report that she might be, because people like Giuliani and Christie say she is. And when they recruit federal law enforcement to feed the lie, so much the better!

Oh, they have an excuse, now... they always have an excuse. "Oh, well, although we promised you that we'd go after her criminality, we suddenly decided that, wow, maybe we should put it in the past, now that we won an election."

Now, if the GOP wasn't so trustworthy, you might think they were just playing a total BS line, thinking "the rubes" would eat it up. But come on! When the GOP said that Saddam Hussein had an active WMD program, they were... oh, huh, they were completely wrong about that. In fact, they deliberately lied about many pieces of evidence. In fact, they even reported a debunked allegation, figuring that as long as they blamed it on UK intelligence, no one would point out that they were liars. And they were right; oh, lots of people reported the lie, but other people said "but we said UK intel said that; they did, and even though we knew they were wrong, you can't say *we* lied for repeating a known falsehood!" so views differ. Let's not be partisan about this, after all!

So, please, don't take this as an example of the GOP playing its base for suckers; if you did that, the GOP would tell their base that you're looking down on them. And really, the party of free trade, and layoffs, and off-shoring, that took its head from the... uh... lips of Wall Street to proclaim the Democrats are just too cozy with Wall Street - they wouldn't play a bunch of people hurt by free trade, layoffs, and off-shoring by Wall Street, for suckers... would they?