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Hah. [Nov. 11th, 2016|11:06 am]

Money quote: Asked about the protesters, Trump's former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, defended his ability to unite the country, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper that protesters should listen to his victory speech.

"Please, ignore everything Donald Trump said when speaking from the heart, and instead listen to him speak from a teleprompter! We don't want you to treat him the way the Republicans treated the last two Democratic Presidents; we want you to give him the same leash you gave George W. Bush that let him lead us into a massive, costly, deadly war."

I will note that while protestors said that Trump was "not (my) President" I will acknowledge, after he is inaugurated, that he is, to the shame of the Republican Party, the President of the United States, which is my home.

But I will not treat him as worthy of the office. He threatened to use the power of law enforcement to jail a political opponent who DID NOTHING CRIMINAL. She used a private e-mail address, just like Colin Powell, only instead of using a commercial provider, which might be socially engineered, she used an existing private server that was managed by people she trusted.

He and the Republican Party continued to accuse her of criminal wrongdoing long after it was established there was none. And they've called people "baby killers" and hounded them, literally, to death, and gotten away with it, but there, they were only recklessly inciting violence. Here, they were deliberately using the force of the law to attack a political opponent. That is not right, and never will be.