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"Values?" - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Values?" [Nov. 19th, 2016|10:33 am]
One thing you'd think you could trust the GOP to believe is that it's horrible to demand "safe spaces", and that asking for protection is political correctness run amok.


Oops. (Sorry Rick Perry, you don't get to trademark that - besides, your trademarked use is your inability to remember your own "I swear this is important to me!" policy positions.)

Well, at least they're in favor of staying married... er, in not engaging in fraudulent business practices... er, in being a devout Christian who speaks constantly of their faith, (why? When Jesus told you to keep your prayers and good works private?) er...

How about running government like a business? No, wait, we've needed infrastructure work for years and years, and they refused to consider it until *after* it would cost a lot more, both in borrowing and wages, when it would have less positive effect on the economy, and *after* we had a higher debt load... when borrowing early had a clear chance of *lowering* our overall debt load.

Um... caring for the working class? No, they're still the party of tax cuts, layoffs and offshoring, plus, delaying infrastructure spending that would have brought jobs and opportunity to the working class, because they wanted a weak economy for each subsequent election.

Caring for babies? No, they're pro-abortion, trying to kill off Planned Parenthood, and they sure don't try to help babies after their born.

Honesty? No, they'll still love a candidate who says he didn't call Global Warming a myth, when he did.

Respect for women? Well, as long as you don't think it's disrespectful to call a bunch of women liars for bringing forward credible stories about sexual assault, and to tell stories that I've never heard the worst of human beings say in a locker room. (I'll be honest: I have had men brag in "locker room talk" that they can make their woman take it any way they please. But those guys would blanch at the notion of a man just grabbing any old woman he likes and start kissing (let alone groping them) - they might momentarily be awed by the claim, until they realized that he could be grabbing *their* women... at which point the mood would turn *way* dark.)

Self improvement? No, they've been gutting education, both college, and public schools, the latter through selling public schools to private business because it's always politically useful to have some rich people owe you favors.

Tough on crime? Seems to me they've got a President elect accused of numerous crimes, fraud, assault, and so forth, and they don't really care... seems to me they like using the criminal justice system to attack their enemies, but aren't actually interested in criminal *justice*.

One line of one speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? No, they're happy to hang with white supremacists, and to swear that the content of any minority's character must be in line with how they are treated by society, without bothering to find out.


You mean like praising ol' George W. Asleep-at-the-wheel Bush for "keeping us safe" when his response to a determined effort to make him understand the real and present danger was "you've covered your ass"? Like blaming trade deals they demanded on Hillary Clinton? Like falsely accusing opponents of crimes, and not doing so much as admitting to their mistake?

Like making a big, big, big fuss over ANY President-elect accused of ANY sexual indiscretions... so long as there's a D-for-Democratic after the name?

I suppose you can still trust them. They're in favor of lower taxes, and cutting any government expenditures that can't be turned into a slush fund. They're still in favor of crony capitalism, handing off public works and institutions to private owners, to avoid responsibility and accountability. You can count on them to bust unions, even in important institutions like Homeland Security, where an employee needs to be protected for rocking the boat and not shutting up about bad news. You can count on them to say we need more power for law enforcement, and less jail time for well-to-do defendants, and that we need to have more people with guns, especially people who are convinced that danger lurks around every corner. And they're sure willing to make sure that if you can claim defense, you won't face criminal charges, even if you sneak up on a black man holding a toy gun (or, let's be fair: a black *child* holding a toy gun) and shoot without trying less lethal options. Unless, of course, you're a black woman who fires a warning shot that has 0 chance of hitting a person, in which case you should go to jail for decades.

Look: there are good people who are Republicans. They've been taught that Republicans care about important things. And I can sympathize with a lot of their beliefs. But those beliefs have been generally abandoned, in favor of money, power, and fame. Don't just listen to me - I mean, I'd like you to listen to me, because the only thing I love more than hearing myself talk is other people hearing me talk!

(Technically, that's not true. I love justice more; I love honor more; I love love more. But as self-denigrating humor goes, it's not a bad line.)

Where was I? Right - don't just listen to me. Look at them. Look at what they preached in the 80s and 90s and look how far they've fallen from those ideals. We always knew they weren't honest about those ideals - it's the nature of politicians to over-inflate anything good that supports them. But now we see how little those ideals meant.

And that matters.