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More fun than it ought to be.... - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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More fun than it ought to be.... [Jan. 10th, 2017|06:27 pm]
So, I was thinking of the misery of thinking of going out for yogurt and pro-biotics pills, and maybe a bit of this and that.

And then a thought came to me. Yes I work for "Amazon Web Services" but we're not called that because we provide web space to Diana Prince[1]! Gee, if only someone had used the wondrous cloud based tools to make an online shopping store that had overnight, and sometimes even same day delivery... oh, right! They had!

(That's kind of how AWS started. "Look at all these cool toys we built. I bet other people would like to use them. Well... let's find out!")

Prime Now had some grocery options - I got some Coke 0 and yogurt (and eggs). Well, the Coke comes off the shelf, but the refrigerated groceries were packed with dry ice.

Damn shame I have to wait, like, an hour to let the soda get cold... wait.

Fill the sink with cold water.
CAREFULLY break up the dry ice with a hammer. Put the dry ice in, and then the soda. The water mass is too large to get below 0 C but tap water is 50-60 degrees (ETA: 50-60 Fahrenheit - about 10C) right now; that alone is a quick way to partially chill the soda.

An added benefit I hadn't considered: the bubbling of the dry ice caused some agitation. In a sink full of water, and 6 cans of room temperature soda, I doubt agitation matters too much - but it does help ensure that there's circulation, so the warmer water near the cans is moved away.

Plus you get that whole "witch's (sink-)cauldron" effect.

The water in my sink is now about 3C - colder than my refrigerator, and water sucks heat out far better than air. This barely counts as "science!" but it's still fun.

[1] aka Wonder Woman - an Amazon, you see. Yes, terrible allusion-pun.

[User Picture]From: tiger_spot
2017-01-11 09:39 pm (UTC)
One summer I worked in a lab where not only did we regularly recieve shipments packed in dry ice, but also I had unlimited access to the liquid nitrogen tank. SCIENCE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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[User Picture]From: johnpalmer
2017-01-28 07:37 am (UTC)
Oh, yeah, that could be fun.

Still, I'm reminded of the M&M/Mars factory I lived near. Some knowledgeable people said that they actually encouraged snacking - people usually tapered off pretty quickly. There are some wonderfully amazing things you can do with extremely cold things, but however, uh, cool they might be, it's not quite as magical when it can happen any time.

(I reckon it's still a good sign if, at least once in a while, you can re-experience the sort of first-time wonder, though.)
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