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Life update [Feb. 23rd, 2017|08:39 am]
So, today in innumeracy, we learn that $159 is not $59. Well, technically, we learned that Tuesday in innumeracy, when I was stunned to see the NEC classic was MSRP. Technically, it's $100 over MSRP, but what's a c-note extra for a piece of cheap silicon and plastic?

Yeah, I was stupid for not checking the MSRP. And I'm too lazy to return it. Ah, well, live and learn.

Work is going well - things are shaking out a bit and I'm starting to become more comfortable and able to do things quicker, but it's annual review time and I always hate that. I mean, it might be *good* this year. A lot of things that were bad in the past are turning better here at a healthier workplace.

I had two tricky SQL Server cases I was able to corral, including one from someone who was in "Why won't you run XP_FixItRightTheHellNow for me?"

(In SQL Server, "XP" means something's an eXtended stored Procedure and can do things other stored procedures can't. FixItRightTheHellNow is kind of like the mythical assembler command, DWIM - Do What I Mean. Neither XP_FixItRightTheHellNow, nor DWIM, have been implemented, even on the interface level, but people keep demanding them.)

But one I was able to trace the problems down, and in the other, I was able to explain that the behavior was odd, but normal and driven by activity in an expected fashion. Yesterday, I went into my "and if you didn't believe my prescription barrel, here's the diagnosis barrel" mode - a different, kinder, "with both barrels" method of dealing with customers. Contrary to the standard "give it to them with both barrels" this isn't intended to intimidate, but it is intended to provide some finality. Once I'm in this mode, it might not be the beginning of the end, but it sure as hell is the end of the beginning, in the Battle of Midway sense.

Heh. I turn "both barrels" into barrels of information, and I still end up with a war-based metaphor. Life is weird that way. Struggles shouldn't be war-like in most situations.

Ah well.

I've had a lousy two weeks - really tired and stressed - but I'm feeling good today. Moderately good news on that front: I did an interval workout Tuesday (interval workouts are 20 minutes with 5-7 1-minute running intervals - one of the quickest ways to strengthen the heart, and I can't do longer workouts at higher heart rates) and a lighter, but meaningful workout yesterday (15 minutes on a treadmill with hills) so my body isn't as exercise sensitive as I'd feared. But other stresses need to be tracked down and reduced.

I'm really pleased to see heavy resistance to Trump and the Republicans on Capitol Hill who are trying to prove that dumb slogans and empty ideas are a sound governing strategy. I hope some memories develop here - "yeah, we tried the 'blanket ban' strategy and saw how pathetic it was compared to the sound, competent plans put in place by people who counted success as solving the problem, not winning the news cycle."

And I guess that's all for today - it's time to get ready for work!