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Just to make it clear... [Sep. 27th, 2018|10:14 pm]
Just to make it clear, the statements "I believe Christine Blasey Ford" and "this is ... (well, anything other than "a vital part of evaluating Brett Kavanaugh's fitness for the SCOTUS, but especially "a smear" or "an attempt to derail the nomination" or, especially, *ANYTHING* suggesting that it was late in the game, since Ms. Ford sent the information in with *PLENTY* of time for the Senate to perform its due diligence) are completely incompatible.

So, for example, Lindsey Graham? He's calling Ms. Ford a despicable liar.

(ob-Beetlejuice: "th-these are *not* MY rules!")

Look: if she's telling the truth (whether you believe the doppelganger theory, or something else), she was right to come forward, she did so in a timely manner, and chose to go public as quickly as we can reasonably expect someone to do so, given the (proven!) suspicion that doing so would lead to vile verbal and written attacks, and death threats.

The only way this can be a "smear" or an "attack" or "an (unjustified) attempt to derail the nomination" is if the accusation is not only false, but without merit. Even if you think "well, she thinks that, but she's probably some crazy (female dog) who doesn't realize she's making it all up" then you still have to admit that, given her perceptions, she was still doing the right thing to come forward, and not attempting to "smear", "besmirch", "attack" etc., Kavanaugh.

You see what I'm saying? Even if you think she's *DELUSIONAL*, once you accept that *she* believes, you have to accept she did the right thing.

The only way this is a "smear" is if she's *lying*.

So: everyone you hear saying "smear", "derail," etc., remember what you're *really* hearing.

[User Picture]From: ysabetwordsmith
2018-09-28 09:00 am (UTC)

Well ...

>> remember what you're *really* hearing. <<

"Shut up, bitch, nobody cares about your mangy cunt."

They don't care if men are rapists. They don't care if women get hurt. They just don't want to be bothered by someone else's problem.

Except it's everyone's problem. If you know 4 women, statistically speaking, you know a survivor of sexual assault.

None of this is news, it's just part of America's rape culture.

What particularly bothers me in this case is that so many people don't seem to give a flying fuck about a judge breaking the law. Someone who doesn't even have the basic self-control to keep his fly shut or the morality to take no for an answer. This guy, they want establishing legal precedent for America? Sure he fits the culture. But what an appalling thing that says about it.

This is your guy? Really?

Then our problems are a lot bigger than one bozo who can't keep it in his pants. It's not just him. It's the zillions of people who feel that he represents them enough to defend him so vigorously and put him in a high office. That's the standard they want. They're voting in favor of men being rapists and women being victims.

Disturbing, but hardly a surprise. When one gets in, he likes to bring his buddies, and that's how we get rape-friendly frat houses. Or Washington, D.C.

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