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Over the past few weeks, I I have been working with the notions of… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 30th, 2004|09:45 pm]
Over the past few weeks, I I have been working with the notions of spirits pervading everything. Everything has a spirit, however vague the concept may seem.

So, when I went home to Philadelphia, and I found out that my mother's dogs have been having some medical problems, since the solstice was approaching, I decided to work with some spirits.

I let some candles, and burned some incense, and I called upon the spirit of the great Northern Bear (for some reason, that just sounds better than "polar bear"), and the spirit of the pack (the Wolfpack, that is, just in case there's any question. It wouldn't surprise me if there was no spirit of an individual wolf, so much as a spirit of the pack.) I closed the circle, calling upon the spirits of the East, and the air, the South and the fire, the west, and the water, and the north, and the earth. I then called out to any spirits who were harassing this residence, demanding that they leave, and that only spirits that meant well could remain. I allowed myself to be open to any message the spirits may have, in case there was a reason that these things were happening.

I then walked around the circle that I had defined, calling upon the spirit of the bear, the wise, strong healer, asking that the bear bring forth healing energy. I walked the circle again, calling upon the pack for strength and protection. I then walked a final time, calling upon the Lord and the Lady to protect all who lived here, and to bind a part of myself to the area, so that if anything needed to be done, I could do it.

I opened the circle, once again commanding all spirit to meant harm to the area or to those who lived there, to leave, and asking only those that meant well to stay.

That was a fair amount of work, and I was tired, so I waited until the next day before I did any further working.

The next day, I burned a citrus-sage candle, and two other scented candles, and spent a short period of time with my rattles, chasing away anything that was unfriendly to myself, to a mom, or to the dogs. (I have two rattles that are in the shape of eggs, and one that is in the shape of an apple, and my feeling is that, even if my will would not drive away a spirit that meant harm, the spirit would probably leave to avoid the ridiculous sight of some long-haired weirdo chanting and shaking a pair of eggs.)

I don't know if this would, or could, do anything good, either for my mother, or her dogs. But, it gave me something to do, at a time when I wanted to do something.

However, it also gave me some time to think about the entire idea of spirit working. By creating a personification of something, we can think about it in different ways.

It was thinking about personification's that helped me think about a way of putting something that had bothered me for a while.

It's important to understand that our emotions are real, and meaningful, and not things that we should ignore. But it's also important to understand that our emotions do not define reality. For example, if a person is having a bad day, and gets angry, it's important to understand that the anger might be real, but might also be based more upon the bad day, that upon whatever action evoked the anger.

A few days back, I came up with a way of saying this, in a response to a LiveJournal entry. I was thinking of emotions as spirits themselves, and they pointed out that there are many times when one should ask the emotion what it's message, or its lesson, is, and, if there was no message, or no lesson, then one should (essentially) tell the emotion to go away, and rest up, for the next time it had a job to do.

I realized I liked this idea; it combines the sense that you should not ignore emotions, and should respect them, and accept them for what they are, but it also acknowledges the idea that an emotion may not have any purpose at this point in time, so maybe the best thing one could do is let the emotion go, until there was more reason for the emotion to be present.

I think there's more to this idea, and I'm going to let it rest for a while, and maybe build itself up...

From: kightp
2004-04-01 12:25 am (UTC)
That's a wonderfully sensible approach to emotional states, and one that ties in with my own sense that, often times, my emotions are as much about what's going on with my body as what's going on with my heart and soul.

That rush of fight-or-flight panic that can strike at the weirdest times, for instance: Its purpose is to get our asses out of serious trouble in a hurry, but the body has a bad habit of turning it on at times when no lives are at risk. I can see some real utility in treating that emotional state as a spirit that arises from my body and saying, "thank you, I appreciate your efforts, but I honestly don't need you right now so please be gone."
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