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Another gay marriage essay. This is intended to be an essay to whip… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 27th, 2004|08:50 pm]
Another gay marriage essay.

This is intended to be an essay to whip up support for gay marriage. It blesses family a bit more than is necessarily accurate... I've known a lot more bad families than most, I suppose, so I'm sensitive to that issue. But, this isn't an essay for *me*, or for the average person who reads my journal... it's meant for others. It's a set of ideas to use to convince (or help to convince) the hypothetical "person on the street".

Everyone knows that blood is thicker than water.

Even those people who don't understand that old expression, realize that family bonds are stronger, and more meaningful, than any other. Oh, there are bad families, families with enough problems that even the bonds that tie us to our blood relations are not enough to keep the families together, but when you think about how much it takes to break the bonds of family, you realize just how strong those bonds must be.

Who do you go to, when no one else can take you in? Your family. If no else will stand up for you, who is your last hope for a group of supporters? Your family. When you're in the hospital, and in serious condition, who are the only people who can visit you, and, if you cannot make decisions for yourself, who does the hospital go to? Your family.

For thousands of years, it's been acknowledged that adults will make their own family. They will meet a person who they love, and they will desire to form a partnership. But not just a partnership ... a family.

For thousands of years, governments have recognized this most fundamental desire, and this most fundamental right: the right to create a new part of your family, the only part of your family that will ever be yours, chosen out of love, and not out of an accident of genetics.

Unless, of course, you're one of those disgusting homosexuals. If you dare fall in love with a man if you're a man, or a woman if you're a woman, well, you have no right to choose your family. Right?

That is what we want, right? To deny people the right to build their family, in a way that we grant to everyone, and have never questioned, as long as they fall in love with people who have the right sex organs.

Well, if that's not what you want, it's time to make sure your voice is heard. Because the right to form a family has been denied to these people, in the land of the free, and the home of the brave, but now, in addition, people are fighting viciously for the sole purpose of denying them that right, for as long as possible.

Many of them claim they're not working from hate. That's entirely possible ... but they are still being the tools of hate.

It's a funny thing about living in a free country ... Sometimes you have to let people do things that you think are disgusting, evil, or wrong, just because you believe that freedom is more important than that. You acknowledge that letting the government chip away at your freedom is worse than letting these things continue.

If this freedom to add your beloved partner to your family is a real, important freedom, then it's damn well time that we started recognizing it, and started granting it to everyone. Because gay people fall in love too; gay people yearn to form families too. And it's long past time that they were allowed to do so.