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Minor life update [Jul. 25th, 2004|01:54 pm]
Scott Zellman, at the Ohio State University, used to write a comic strip called "Potshots". It will relatively funny from time to time, and downright hilarious sometimes, and whenever I am reading through a comics page in a newspaper, I always look for a new comic strip by Scott Zellman, figuring that he'll make it big time, sooner or later.

His comic strip featured several animals that act in human ways; there was a fetal pig that escaped from the biology lab to escape dissection, a squirrel who smoked cigarettes (and occasionally would trip passers-by with an "Oops clumsy me, can I have a drag off your cigarette?") and, has a set of guest stars. One of my favorites had some animals that starred in a very brief interlude in the comic strip. It's hardly the funniest comic strip ever, but it is the one that gives me the warm, happy, giggles when I think about it.

Although there has already been a lead up to this, so it's not as much of a surprise, this particular strips start with a knock on the door, and Paul Maul, the main male character, asks who it is. "It's a bunch of iguanas, with four cases of mezcal, " comes the reply.

"Yeah, right, who is it really?"

"Hello," says one of the iguanas, now peeking over the arm of the couch.

"My God! It's a bunch of the iguanas with four cases of mezcal!"

So, how did I spend my Saturday night? Dancing naked with a group of witches in a strange pagan ritual.

I'm going to assume that my introduction speaks for itself ....

I think that I'm suffering from some post-ritual let-down, though... I'm hoping a little bicycling will help take care of that.

Then, I have some shopping, some studying, and a lot of writing to do... I'll have to get to work soon.

I also should start my job search, and my people search. I want to find a working group/teaching coven/something out here.

[edited to remove multiple dictation errors that I'd missed in my first run-through. E.g., there's an escaped FETAL PIG, not an escaped FIELD PAY. Sigh.)