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I had an interesting thought today, reading eleri's journal… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 7th, 2005|09:58 pm]
I had an interesting thought today, reading eleri's journal about a discussion with one or more Christian folks.

A lot of people think that the Bible is the complete, perfect word of God... the message to God's creation.

It's complete. God doesn't talk to his creation, except through the Bible.

How the heck are people supposed to recognize that the Bible is this perfect and complete message?

Does their spirit rejoice in the message? Then why can't their spirit rejoice when they hear the same message from another source?

Does God tell them that it's correct? Then God hasn't stopped talking to his creation, has he?

Does the book have some kind of magical power, independent of the soul or of God itself? Pretty interesting book... what makes the book so interesting and powerful, if it's not us, nor God, that imbues it with this power?

And if God loves the world, he surely would not leave his message to be discovered only by chance, yes? So there *has* to be some way to figure all this out.

This thought isn't really going anywhere... I mean, it's not like someone out there is telling me God is waiting to slam-dunk my ass into hell for not believing every word of the bible is the literal and complete truth. It just hit me how idea that the "Complete and only message is the bible" ended up being contradicting something important. *What* it contradicted depended on your viewpoint.