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White House finds its lie! - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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White House finds its lie! [Jul. 15th, 2005|08:47 am]
News at 11...

Apparently, the claim is going to be that Karl Rove knew about Wilson's wife's employment from other reporters.

Conservative commentators and bloggers will pick this up, and run with it, and say it so forcefully, that many people will assume it must be true. Why? Well, because people are saying it, so forcefully and confidently.

This is coming from a leak of grand jury testimony, which, as I understand it is another crime. And, we all know that criminals never lie. Of course, if it *is* a lie, it's hardly a leak of grand jury testimony. Interesting game to play, eh?

And you know something? Though the story (note how I said this: I'm not believing it actually fits reality) says Rove learned it from Novak, there's no way of weaseling out of telling it to Cooper. And *even if Rove didn't know she was covert* (and I don't accept that he didn't), the story he was helping spread was that she authorized a trip. Meaning he can't pretend he didn't know she was *someone*. Someone who might have a budget, to authorize trips. Someone important, not just, say, a secretary or filing clerk. Meaning anyone with a hint of patriotism would have checked before spreading the story. After all, Novak was asked not to reveal her name... remember? It would cause "trouble". The least Rove could claim is he was being a petty, unpatriotic asshole.

Someone find me a liberal who did something similar... just so no one tries pulling the "You're only doing this because you hate Bush".