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Okay... so my friends were doing this benefit thingy. See, in this… - John [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 13th, 2005|10:27 pm]
Okay... so my friends were doing this benefit thingy. See, in this nation with the greatest medical system in the world, a friend of mine is unable to get medical care for her constant back pain caused by a variety of problems that started with a stress fracture of her vertebrae, which she couldn't get pay attention to, because who can afford medical care without insurance and a high paying job?

But I digress.

They were hoping to get her some surgery, but they can't; it's been too long since the injury happened for the surgery to work. They had to wait this long (until it was unbearable and excruciating) because, well... I'm about to digress again, aren't I?

So, Friday I was going to go out there to help them with setup and such. A friend was going to transport me out there, to save money and gas and provide company while crossing the pass (and while "just driving"; it's about 300 miles, but don't go thinking "five hours" because you might make it in five hours in dry, warm weather in broad daylight if you're willing to ignore the speed limit, but it's closer to 7 'for real'. Doubly so if you're driving through rural Idaho when you're not used to driving on country roads. (Warning: the roads are sometimes not quite as black as the highway. Yes, it matters, because there are no edge lines, either. And, if there's snow on the roads (and there was)... well, let's just make this long story not-as-long-as-it-could-be.

But anyway... problems arose. I realized I had no way of meeting this friend which didn't involve her picking me up in Renton (about 15 miles out of the way, adding 30 miles to the trip, when traffic was expected to be a bear... not unreasonable), and no way to let her drop me off (though she admitted that, perhaps, she could drop me off herself when we left for home on Sunday), and anxiety and frustration, and an already stressed-set of back muscles caused a really nasty headache.

(See, I decided to go out for an hour long walk carrying 40lbs of barbell weights in a backpack. Not a terrible thing to do, but boy, does it stress those muscles in the back of your neck more than you expect!) So, anyway... major headache. I decide not to go with her, but to start working out how to go on my own.

So I did. I got there 4 am Saturday morning, helped them set up until 7, slept four hours, helped them set up until about 6, did some stuff runs for the party/benefit (Pizza, serving bowls, ice, etc.. One thing: if you get two large bags of ice, and it turns out that "large" is 28 lbs, tell them to hold them, and then run back to the meeting hall, get a car, and drive back. Trust me. You'll feel truly macho walking back with over 50lbs of ice and other assorted thingies, but you'll also feel truly stupid), and then mostly hung out until the party was winding down at midnight, helped them tear down, then went home with them... got home about 2-3. Got to bed around 4-5. Slept until 11.

On my way out of town, I found some shops where I could get some really neat stuff. I decided that the universe was grateful for the work I'd done, and that's why I was finding stuff that I didn't expect to find. Like, three of the candle molds I wanted... I laughed at myself for thinking that the Michael's would have them, as if the universe really re-arranged itself to reward good deeds. You know how you bow your head and close your eyes when you do that kind of laughter? Yeah? Guess what I saw when I opened my eyes?

It was a decent drive back; constantly over freezing, so I didn't have to keep panicking over hitting a patch of black ice. I did, anyway; it's in my nature, just about.

Anyway: I was netless (as if I had *time*!) this weekend. If anything was posted, or otherwise occurred that I should know about, please provide a pointer.

From: kightp
2005-11-14 07:08 am (UTC)
Well, I made a big pot of most excellent beef, vegetable and barley stew tonight, but that's probably not the sort of occurrence you had in mind.

Glad you made it there, glad you're back. But you already knew that. (-:
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